Key Features of a Mobile App: A Guide (2022)

Creating a mobile application can be an overwhelming task. It is important to research and see what it takes to create an app from scratch. Consumers have evolved in the past decade and so have the way apps are designed nowadays. What should you include in a mobile app? What are the must-have features and functions? Ask questions and see where you stand.

Before you move forward with an app developer NYC or any other region, do your own research and see what the entire development process looks like and what businesses should reflect on. Figures show us that there are over 5.7 million apps if we cover both Google Play Store and Apple App Store. To stand out and fit with what your potential audience requires – you will need to include a few essential features along with other add-ons.

We will be discussing some of the key features of a mobile app. Keep reading as we discuss in brief detail.


With increased digitization in place, the threat of cybercrime is always present as well. There are high stakes. Not every user is comfortable with sharing their personal information or digital payment details.

You need to build trust and ensure that the app is approved in terms of security protocols and is certified by local authorities. The payment gateway should be seamless, integrated, and approved with the ideal end-to-end encryption.

Surveys tell us that an overwhelming majority of apps have security flaws and are not trustable enough. To form a connection that is defined by trust, you need to prioritize security and remove all kinds of vulnerable threats.

User-Friendly Design

The design matters. Design is communicative and reflects what the app stands for. For a better first impression, the UX/UI design should be flawless and should accurately depict what the business stands for. The ideal app is usually designed keeping in mind consumer needs and how the user would navigate through the app. Over 60% of people will most likely close the app if the design is not responsive enough.

While engaged in a conversation with an Android app development company, discuss the design strategy in complete detail and note down each step. Accessible apps will lead to eventual revenue. Everything is connected.

Responsive Customer Support

There should always be a customer support option, as customers appreciate it, especially when the service is fast and options are easy to use. Prioritize the user and acknowledge their problem while being clear about the fact that there is complete transparency between the two entities. Ultimately, customer support leads to trust and better retention.

And customer support is the perfect way to reflect and see how your app is progressing. Dedicated customer support enables users to list down their views and thoughts towards your product. For future updates, every review will help. Stay connected with your audience and build a personal connection through customer support services.


If the app takes too long to load, retention rates will decrease and you will end up being at a downhill. While the development process goes on, follow appropriate testing measures before launching the application.

Having a seamless and speedy app is a plus – and it is a must have. There are a lot of benefits of having a mobile application that functions seamlessly. App strategists around the globe advise that all the mobile applications being built should have amazing (or incredible) user experience and should be fast enough.

Fascinating Features

Features are the most attractive USP any mobile application can have and if you are planning to build an application, you must incorporate features and functions that not only be useful for the end users, but add value to their lives. Features alone can make your app stand out and help you upscale much more quickly. Look around and see what well-known apps do differently. See what you can learn and adapt.

But make sure you find the perfect balance between what consumers would want and what would fit better for the business in the long run. And you need to stay updated with market trends as well. The cost of the app will add up accordingly.


For all modern applications being built, you must not overlook scalability. It is among the most important factors of success for a mobile app. Scalability refers to the design and development approach where there is enough room in application to expand its scope.

All the renowned applications that you use today looked very different 3-4 years ago. The changes have occurred consistently and the current version exists because these apps are scalable. We suggest you focus on strategical thinking and think beyond the ordinary while in collaboration with a real estate app development company or any other kind of agency. You need a roadmap where the potential growth pattern can be looked at and properly analyzed.


In the end – there is always a lot to cover when it comes to creating a digital product and we suggest you go through the article and reflect over the features we mentioned. You do not have to necessarily include all the features you mentioned in the exact order or at all. Keep improvising and be unique with your product. There is no harm in seeking inspiration and learning what works.

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