Kim Kardashian gets into another business venture: launches her own ‘private equity’ firm

The American celebrity Kim Kardashian has just gotten into her latest business venture, which promises to continue to fatten her already bulging fortune. The eldest sister of the clan has fully immersed herself in investment and has created her private equity firm, as announced by the protagonist herself.

The company is called SKKY Partners and is co-founded by Jay Sammons (Carlyle’s former partner), who, along with Kardashian, will manage the business. His mother, Kris Jenner, will also be a partner in the firm. To date, she is responsible for leading the career of her daughters and exploiting the different family projects.

“Based on both founders [Kim and Jay’s] investment experience and ability to build great consumer and media businesses, as well as her unrivaled reach and influence, the firm will buy and make minority investments in growth markets and focus on leading consumer and media companies,” summarizes the statement issued by SKKY.

Private equity is based on looking for investment opportunities, buying and transforming companies with great potential, or entering with a stake. SSKY is going to focus on the consumer segment and the media and content segment.

Kardashian has said that she is looking forward to starting to build the SKKY portfolio. She will combine her work as an investor with her other brands. The clothing one, SKIMS, and the cosmetics one, SKKN, in addition to her career as a television star. The celebrity has spent years showing her life and that of her family on a  reality show, which leads her to be one of the most influential people in the United States. The value of her company is around 1,000 million dollars, according to the statement.

Also mentioned as a strong point is the matriarch’s presence as a partner and her “responsibility for running and developing the family’s multimillion-dollar collection of businesses .”

Finally, Sammons, who previously worked at Carlyle, has highlighted his previous career, linked to companies in the consumer sector. “Now, in my association with Kim and Kris, I look forward to building SKKY and making her the leader of their management,” she said.

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