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If you are looking for a Blockchain legal firm in U.A.E to help you with your project, look no further than Mena Legal. This innovative firm has extensive experience and expertise in the blockchain industry, having pioneered its operations in the MENA region. It has worked with a wide range of clients from around the world and has a high level of engagement in this field.

Mena Legal

MENA Legal is a prominent international boutique law firm with more than two decades of legal expertise in the Middle East. It will be presented at the Future Blockchain Summit as part of GITEX Global, a world-renowned technology exhibition. As an early adopter of fintech, it is helping international companies navigate the complex legal landscape of these new and disruptive technologies. Founder and partner Dr. Alexander Brexendorff have experience with the latest developments in the field.

Alexander Brexendorff first fell in love with the Middle East 25 years ago and made Dubai his home. He co-founded a Middle Eastern boutique law firm in Dubai and now leads the team of MENA Legal. His firm has been helping major multinational corporations and new startups in the Middle East market success since its creation. It has represented companies such as SAP in the region and has helped many start-ups establish themselves.

The team at MENA Legal specializes in blockchain and cryptocurrency. With experts in Blockchain and Digital Assets, they provide strategic advice to global companies on the legal issues they face. Their team comprises lawyers with extensive experience and deep technical knowledge in the field. The firm’s legal experts are available around the world to answer clients’ questions.

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MENA Legal is an international boutique law firm with more than two decades of experience in the Middle East. The firm is one of the first in the region to establish operations in the blockchain area and has worked with a wide range of clients from around the world. Its team of experts can help clients understand the complex regulatory environment surrounding the blockchain and fintech industries.

MENA Legal has an international team of lawyers and business consultants that is sensitive to the needs of its clients. This makes it a top choice for major corporations and small and midsize enterprises entering the Middle East market. For example, MENA Legal has assisted global tech giants such as SAP to establish their headquarters in the region. It is also the first Middle Eastern law firm to offer specialist blockchain and cryptocurrency advice. The firm also has a team of experts who can meet with clients in-person to discuss their business needs and legal issues.

MENA Legal’s founder, Dr. Alexander Brexendorff, has more than twenty years of experience in the legal field. He settled in Dubai after discovering the UAE as a land of opportunity. He then co-founded a boutique legal firm that serves clients across the Middle East and Europe. MENA Legal has grown to become a trusted partner to hundreds of businesses and multinational companies.

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MENA Legal is a pioneer of blockchain-based law in the MENA region. The firm has extensive experience in blockchain-based technology and has worked with clients from all over the world. Its focus on blockchain and smart contracts mean it has a wealth of knowledge in this area.

Founded 20 years ago, Mena Legal is a boutique Middle Eastern legal practice that serves the needs of hundreds of new companies and major corporations entering the Middle Eastern market. Their experience includes working with global titans like SAP, and they are renowned for achieving success for their clients.

Irina Ross has over 17 years of experience in blockchain and cryptocurrency law. She has worked as a partner in a law firm and as a regional general counsel. Her work experience spans more than $500 billion in projects and transactions. Her extensive network in the Middle East and Europe allows her to work with visionary entrepreneurs in this new industry. In addition, she has co-founded a cryptocurrency exchange and understands the challenges and opportunities that founders face.

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MENA Legal is a blockchain legal consulting firm that offers one-stop-shop solutions to fintech startups. With over two decades of experience in the Middle East, the firm has been a pioneer in fintech and blockchain technology, helping both global and local companies navigate the complex legal environment around these emerging technologies. The firm’s founding partner, Dr. Alexander Brexendorff, has an M.Sc in Law and has extensive legal experience in the Middle East.

The firm focuses on the legal aspects of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. The firm has a global network of technique partners and offers a wide range of services. In addition to the UAE, the firm is present in a variety of locations. Its experts are available around the world to assist you with any legal matters you may encounter in the blockchain industry.


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