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murim rpg simulation wiki – Comics born in South Korea is called ‘manhwa.’ Narrative similar to the one exposed in the Japanese manga, but with a western reading sense, that is, horizontally and from left to right -since the Korean alphabet, also known as hangul, under normal conditions, is written and read horizontally) tells stories of romance, drama, and Asian mythology with an emphasis on character development and spectacular stylization in gorgeous, full-color art.


Unlike what happened in Japan, a manhwa is rarely adapted to film or TV, although we found a couple of exceptions in Full House and Goong, for example. However, the most extraordinary case was Noblesse, which follows the canon of Cadis Etrama Di Raizel, a powerful vampire who awakens after 820 years and, with the help of his faithful servant Frankenstein, enrolls in high school, finding himself involved in the crossfire from dangerous secret organizations. Manhwa received an adaptation from Production IG, one of Japan’s most essential animation companies.

Murim Manga

The manhwa, broadly speaking, could be defined as a syncretic hybrid of manga and western comics, presenting the best qualities of both worlds, which, on the other hand, also behaves as its Achilles heel.

Defined and stylized, the drawing shows perfect and friendly harmony with the peculiar art seen in the shonen and josei manga. Still, without being able to flaunt its own identity, it adopts, in turn, the color and energy of the American comic, although with pastel tones and brilliant but gentle strokes. Delicate, almost ethereal facial features, a predominance of grays, and imprecise backgrounds (which vary according to the author) define the artistic scheme in the vast majority of published manhwas.


On the other hand, the stories that come to life on paper —virtual, above all, since the webcomic is the leading exhibition platform— are transversal to any culture, although seasoned with regionalisms and autochthonous traditions, sometimes made explicit through language with the use of suffixes such as hyung, noon, or sunbae —the equivalent for senpai in Korea—or implied in the behavior of their characters. The fantasy theme (predominant or hidden) is preferred, murim rpg simulation wiki with outstanding and popular titles worldwide, such as Tower of God, in which Baam, a young man, accidentally enters the Tower where only the chosen ones can enter and grants any wish to whoever conquers it.

Murim rpg Simulation Wiki

Other particular cases are worth mentioning, such as The Breaker and The Breaker: New Waves, a man drawn in black and white —in honor of the Japanese manga— that follows the young Yi Shi-oon, a student who suffers from constant harassment until Han Chun-woo, an eccentric teacher teaches him martial arts and involves him in the painful world of the Murim to later reveal that he is the Dragon of the Nine Arts, the most dangerous warrior in all of Korea. An ode to shonen at its best, perfecting classic clichés with genius never seen before, not even in Japan.

Japanese manga


However, shonen is not king in these parts. In recent times, romantic comedies (with high-intensity erotic additions) have dominated views with titles as captivating as they are sensual in history, art, and, well, you know


Sweet Guy, Brawling Go, and Girls of the Wild are examples of this excessive (and daring) popularity. However, some works are very close to josei and are of excellent quality, such as Goong-Park So-hee, Sandwich Girl-Han Yu Rang, and Bride of the Water God, one of the most beautiful manhwas you will ever read.


The origins of the manhwa go back to the beginning of the last century, although this name did not know to them. They kept in complete ostracism until the late 90s when they had their first expansion in Asia; they peaked in the 2000s with the publication of more than 9,000 titles, of which 40% saw the timid Western light. For this reason, we live in privileged times, in which we are blessed with the opportunity to experience art that remained alien for so many decades and, collaterally, learns from the pen and gaze of artists who write and draw with the evening light of a country as fascinating as Korea.

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