New Exterior Signage Ideas Before 2023 Begin!

Signage Ideas

Signage Ideas


In the digital world, exterior signage is an effective marketing tool for corporations with physical locations. You need noticeable and recognizable signage to make your business stand out. There are various ways that you can use external signs to increase foot traffic or promote your services and products.

Exterior signage ideas

There is a list of different business sign ideas that inspire you when it comes to your business to grab the attention of customers.

Flag Mount Signs

Flag mount signs are placed against a wall. These signs are usually used as external brand signs to draw the attention of passers-by or customers to your brand. There are different designs for a flag mount sign that you can go with but the most important thing is to clearly show your brand name.  

Neon signs

Increase the display of your entire branding strategy by letting your outdoor advertising work for you 24/7. Your written message will reach a large audience with neon business signs. You can style neon signs in different ways depending on your brand.

Wayfinding sign

Wayfinding Signage can be beneficial for newcomers to your business. These signs effectively make a memorable first impression of your business on the customer’s mind. These signs usually indicate the directions of your corporate business or departments of the business.

Pole marks

Pole signs may be the best outdoor sign choice if your business is located in a high-traffic area. You can place them in your neighborhood, which can be highly visible to passers-by and drivers from a distance. Pole signs can effectively be used for the latest product or service announcements.

3D signs and letters

3D signs and letters are the most common exterior signage to promote your brand awareness. Undoubtedly, they are also a popular form of external advertising for any business. 

Awning signs

In addition to displaying your brand name above, use awnings to complete the look of your brand front. These awnings offer additional space for adding more business information, such as brand locations, hours, and promotions. 

They are a good alternative to more permanent business signs because are easily replaceable.

Outdoor floor-standing digital signage

Signage makers made outdoor floor-standing digital signage that is typically used to communicate and announce visual information about services, products, or other information to the public. Unlike static signage, traditional printed, digital signage allows you to have dynamic content such as multimedia files.

Use of external business signs

To use external signs for your business constantly strive to attract new clients, increase sales, and improve your brand value. External business signs are an important element of marketing that entice visitors to visit your company. 

Let’s look at the reasons to invest in external business signs for your brand:

Attract customers 

Getting the attention of potential customers is the first step toward a transaction. Strategically placing yourself in the right area will get you extra attention. In this way, you can find customer concerns and resolve them using the product or service you provide.

Enhancing brand value

Explain your brand by customizing your external signs with your brand logo, colors, and other symbols. According to your logo colors, make a design theme around them, and write a short content or great slogan that gives value to your customers.

Increase sales

The right use of the best external signs can help you promote your business in many ways. You can build long-term relationships with your customers through effective messaging that can lead to continual purchases.

Things to make good exterior signage design

The purpose of a business logo is to effectively communicate information to its customers. Information for an external business sign can range from the name of a business to its office hours and also the products the brand is promoting. Other things to consider are:


Color is at the top of every visual marketing and merchandising guide’s list. You should also consider your brand’s goals and visibility because your colors should always match your branding. 

Signage makers explain that strong colors like white, black, and red are attention grabbers and can convey your information effectively.


Serif and sans-serif fonts are popular in a broad variety of industries because sans-serif fonts are considered more modern and strong. Sans-serif fonts are commonly used in titles while serif fonts are generally used for longer content.


The size of your external sign determines how it looks and where it can be placed. The most important thing is to make your sign legible. A well-designed sign should convey information to your customers effectively and efficiently.


Business signs are critical marketing tools to provide your customers with the information they are looking for and promote your business. Since its purpose is to attract attention and convey information effectively, make sure your sign is attractive through the use of color, size, fonts, and contrast.

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