Picking up the right Crypto Marketing Agency for your Project


The Crypto industry has grown by leaps and bounds in the last few years, and along with them, there has been a rise in the service providers that assist crypto projects in their roadmap, like the crypto marketing agencies. This makes it difficult for project teams to identify the right partner for them, especially in a crucial business function of marketing. While for projects, the crucial debate is always whether they should have a marketing agency or not, with so many options available, selecting the right crypto marketing company becomes even more challenging. Since crypto marketing agencies come in different sizes and have different specialties to offer to their clients, here are a few points one should consider before hiring a crypto marketing agency. 

  • Outlining the expected result: While most crypto marketing agencies call them full service, they usually specialize in one or two core areas. Hence it’s crucial to understand what the project team expects to achieve from the crypto market agency. This would help finalize the agency that specializes in the same, something that is not their core.  The project team can break down the deliverables into activities, making it easy for the agency. The core team may even hire some agencies specializing in specific areas. 
  • Past client and project experiences: Having a crypto marketing agency that has experience in managing various projects and has worked with brands with similar requirements can be an added advantage for any project in its selection process as it has the experience and the understanding of the market. Along with the list of complete clientele, if the core team also speaks to their satisfied clientele as a reference check regarding the work done by the crypto marketing agency, it would be even better to pick up the right agency. 
  • Experience of team members: Another critical point to evaluate the right crypto marketing agency would be to check the core team’s experience. An experienced marketing team could benefit the project’s marketing campaign because of their knowledge and expertise, which could be a game changer and a key element in the campaign’s success. It would be advisable for the project team to go through their  LinkedIn profiles and verify the experience the team brings to the table. 
  • Crypto Marketing Agencies Efforts: Another easy way to be a strong point of evaluation could be to see how the agency is carrying out its marketing efforts. Be it how their website is made or how their social media presence is, each of these would give a fair bit of an idea about the company’s thought process and capabilities of putting forward their campaigns. And if these match the project’s requirements, this could be the right crypto marketing agency to partner with.
  • If the Agency’s pitch is outlandish: The project team would want to concentrate on the pitch and the results promised by the company. This includes its website, collaterals, social media handles, or anywhere that needs to be analyzed. This exercise would also give an insight into the crypto marketing agencies’ knowledge of the industry and whether they have the potential to provide the right solution to the problem they are facing. And if there are any outlandish claims and commitments, they could be considered a solid red flag.
  • Communication with them is more accessible: However better the crypto marketing agency may be, they should be accessible and easy to communicate. This is not only at the planning stage but at every stage, including post-execution stages. A marketing agency that works as if they are part of the team might be more confident and may be able to deliver the campaign better. 

With the points mentioned above, it would be great if the project team chooses a niched digital marketing company specializing in the services the project is looking for to get the best results and the most bang for their buck.

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