Record WhatsApp call: Say Bye To Trust Issues

Trust Issues between parents and teens are the story of every household. It is the Delima of this decade kids and parents. Kids like to keep things private. They want to resolve even conflicts or any issue on their own. On the other hand, parents want to keep the hold on their kid’s life until they can. This imbalance of power distribution sometimes makes things horrible. As a result the parents and kids even miss the normal bliss of this relationship. So what is the right way to confront this issue? First, have a real conversation with them. Second, get a parental control app that allows you to record WhatsApp call or have a check on the kid in real-time.

Parental Urge To Record WhatsApp call:

One of the most common complaints of parents is that kids spend so much time on social media. They think that chatting and talking on WhatsApp is easier for today’s kids than talking live with family members. Well, OgyMogy has brought a simple solution for parents who want to know about kids’ WhatsApp calls. Simply get the app and record WhatsApp calls of the kids secretly. You can know about many possible secrets and can even resolve many misunderstandings as well. So here is how OgyMogy the monitor kids phone app can help the parents in resolving trust issues and mending the relationship.

Get To Know About WhatsApp Account Details:

The best part about the OgyMogy is that it gives remote access directly to the kid’s WhatsApp account. There is no third medium between the parents and kids. Hence with that parents can directly check what in reality is happening in the kid’s life. The WhatsApp spy app record the WhatsApp call of the kid for parents and saves the recording. All the WhatsApp call recordings are saved on the online dashboard of the app. Only users can access the portal and listen to the call recordings so no to worry about the safety issue.

  • WhatsApp is a pretty popular platform as 53% of American user switch to this app daily at least once.

Are They Receiving Suspicious Calls:

For all the curious parents who are worried about spam calls, this can solve the matter for good. Simple record WhatsApp call of the kid and know If they are receiving any suspicious calls. By listening to the content of the call you can judge if the kid is in any sort of trouble or something. Simple take necessary and immediate action right away. 

Record Video Calls:

WhatsApp offers end-to-end encryption to users. The high-quality video call makes this tool a good option for personal and professional video calls. Parents can even check the video call log and video call content of the kid using call recorder software. Listen to the video call details and find out about the kid’s personal life and relationships. You can even check the kids’ company by keenly observing all the video calls and content. 

Monitor The Group Calls:

Besides the audio calls, WhatsApp has now improved the option of group calls as well. Now more people can join a single group call and one can talk to more than 4 people at a time. Listen to the group calls of the kids with friends and have insights about their social life. Any personal problem or school issue can be known to the parents by recording the WhatsApp call feature. As most of the time kids discuss the matter with close online friends.  

Know About Newly Added and Deleted Contact:

OgyMogy doesn’t let the parent’s record WhatsApp call only. They can know about other relevant details regarding the calls as well. For example contacts, time and date, duration of the call etc. 

I am not saying every parent must record a WhatsApp call to resolve a misunderstanding. All I am saying is that it is one of the best and easy ways. The stealth mode makes things easier for careful parents. If you don’t want your kid to know about the monitoring mission this one is the right choice for you. So get your app right now and enjoy stress-free parenting life. Still worried about the bundle and budget details. Well for once give the app a try for a month by getting the monthly bundle. 




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