Method to Resolve Quickbooks Error 1328

QuickBooks software has proven to be a growth engine for a variety of enterprises. It has created a new environment for growth by emphasizing company efficiency and productivity. The program has advanced capabilities that have greatly aided in the regulation of accounting processes. What cannot be disregarded, however, is the huge range of error codes that occasionally impede QuickBooks users. The present posting will explain all facets of QuickBooks Error Code 1328. These features will include the many causes, indicators, and symptoms, as well as the reason you’re here – current ways for resolving QuickBooks problem 1328.

What exactly is QuickBooks Error 1328?

Error 1328 is also another error that happens in QuickBooks when users begin the process of upgrading or installing the accounting software. Several customers have reported encountering this problem while attempting to restore the QuickBooks program.

QuickBooks error 1328 is caused by a combination of factors.

The numerous reasons for QuickBooks error code 1328 are briefly illustrated as follows:

  • During the uninstalling procedure, invalid registry entries were produced.
  • An unexpected power loss causes a system shutdown.
  • Malicious virus assaults may be a factor in QuickBooks Error Code 1328.
  • An erroneous system configuration might potentially cause the error code.
  • A corrupt QuickBooks software file might cause errors throughout the installation procedure.
  • Improper installation is another factor on the long list.
  • Any network disruption might cause the download or installation procedure to fail, resulting in the QuickBooks error 1328.

Simple Methods for Correcting QuickBooks Error 1328

We’ve arrived! This section contains a thorough list of simple procedures that can aid you in removing QuickBooks problem number 1328. By the conclusion of this section, the problem should be resolved on your computer, and you should have no additional problems upgrading your preferred accounting software.

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Method 1: Change the filename of the ‘Config.msi’ file.

The first method for resolving QuickBooks update issue 1328 is to rename the file config.msi on your PC. Config.msi’s temporary files can hinder QuickBooks operations and may be the source of this problem. Changing the name of this file suggests that QuickBooks will no longer be able to access it. This, in turn, may resolve our problem. So, let us begin with the steps:

  • To begin, press the Win + E keyboard shortcut to launch File Explorer. Now go to the C: Drive. Simply look for the file ‘Config.msi’ here.
  • Once the system has identified the file, right-click on it.
  • In this case, you must select the Rename option.
  • Place the cursor at the end of the file name and type ‘.old’ there.
  • To save the file name changes, press anywhere on the screen.
  • Now, try upgrading the QuickBooks program again to check whether the solution to issue 1328 works. If not, proceed to the next procedure.

Technique 2: Make use of the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool.

Method: Download the QuickBooks Tools Hub application.

If you’re having trouble with multiple QuickBooks installs or updates, the QB install diagnostic tool will come in handy. You may use it to determine if error 1328 has been resolved. Before utilizing the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic tool, you must first download and install the QuickBooks Tool Hub on your computer:

  • First, close QuickBooks Desktop (if already running).
  • Install the QuickBooks Tool Hub. Make sure to get it from the official Intuit website and avoid downloading it from any third-party sources.
  • Navigate to Downloads and launch the.exe file you just downloaded.
  • To begin installing the tool hub, follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Mark the box next to “I agree to the terms and conditions” to indicate your acceptance of the terms. Following that, proceed.
  • After the installation is complete, the QuickBooks Tool Hub icon will appear on the desktop.


We have outlined all of the simple methods for resolving QuickBooks problem 1328 on your system. We conclude this blog with the hope that the information provided was useful to you and aided you in resolving this issue.

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