Revature Assisted Sonia Morris To Build Her Career in Tech

Sonia Morris was working at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, an upscale hospital in Los Angeles, subsequent to graduating from the University of California. At that point in time, she thought that her future was in hospital administration. Instead, they ended up discovering her passion for cutting-edge tech with the assistance of Revature.

Revature helped Sonia Morris to successfully venture into the field of tech

As a part of her job at the hospital, Sonia was editing blogs and research papers for public release when the topic of big data caught her eye. She was particularly interested in the notion of collecting and analyzing expansive quantities of information. Such techniques are used particularly to diagnose medical conditions, recommend treatments, study the effectiveness of medicines, and more, in the field of healthcare.

Sonia’s imagination lit up while reading more about big data, and she decided to pursue a career in tech. For this purpose, she ended up joining a renowned coding boot camp that involved a private course for intensive tech training. While their curriculum was superb, Sonia faced a lot of problems in getting a job in the industry after the completion of the course. Every employer wanted to experience, even for entry-level positions.

During the job hunting process, Sonia came across Revature. This company provided free training, as well as the opportunity for job placement for the candidates who made it through. They had also started a business analysis program that suited her interests and background more than traditional software development. Subsequent to signing up for their program, Sonia underwent a rigorous training process. The company maintained extensive and complex training processes not only for technical skills but also for competencies needed to land good jobs.

As a part of her training, Sonia underwent multiple rounds of practice interviews that helped her get ready for job placement. According to Sonia, these were some of the toughest interviews she had ever gone through, simulated, or real. On the whole, it was a great way to prepare for the competitive industry.

After completing the training from Revature, Sonia was placed with a top-tier IT consulting firm. She worked as a systems analyst at the company and was involved in a project based on exactly the topic that got her interested in tech in the first place; big data in the setting of health. At the current moment, Sonia is working for a popular company based in the industry of finance. Her role involves working on a software platform that aids financial advisers in serving clients in a more competent manner.

Sonia enjoys leading a team and being a part of the development of a highly useful product. She is working in a management-track role, which aligns with her career goals.

Revature played an instrumental role in helping her to build her career in tech. The training program conducted company taught her way more than technical skills and knowledge. It assisted her in honing both interpersonal and leadership skills boosted her confidence and helped her to gain much-needed industry experience.