After the successful completion of its exciting tier 1, the S39 gold-backed tokens IEO has launched its tier 2. In the first week, about 1 million S39 tokens at $0.25 were sold to crypto traders, stakers, investors, holders, and S39 followers across the world. Now, the second week of IEO has started in which tokens will be sold at $0.39 to the crypto enthusiasts who had been waiting to get the S39 gold pegged token.

By combining crypto innovation with gold stability, the S39 token has become popular as a safe and promising investment. The crypto market is highly volatile and the cryptocurrencies lack proper backing. This makes crypto a risky investment. However, gold-backed cryptocurrencies like S39 can withstand fluctuations in the market because each token is backed by a specific quantity of real gold.

The benefit of Initial Exchange Offering (IEO)

Since developing a cryptocurrency is pretty costly, developers use different methods like ICO, STO, and IEO to raise funds. ICO (Initial Coin Offering) refers to the funding raised for early-stage cryptocurrencies. ICOs were one of the first fundraising methods but lacked regulation and many people have been scammed in the past via ICOs.

After that, the introduction of STO (Security Token Offering) regulated the process of raising capital for cryptocurrencies, where investors were provided with tokenized digital securities, called security tokens. However, the process of STOs was more expensive and slower.

Now, IEOs are emerging as the next step in the evolution of ICOs. IEO is a reliable method to raise funds as the token sale is supervised by a cryptocurrency exchange. IEO ensures that only legit crypto projects are promoted because the exchange only supports credible cryptocurrencies. This results in increased investor confidence and offers security for both investors and token issuers.

The Second Phase of S39 IEO

The S39 gold pegged token having an initial supply of 390 billion tokens, is the native token for the Findexx ecosystem. By 2025, almost 90% of the tokens will be burned which will leave only 390 million S39 tokens in circulation. Each S39 token is backed by 0.5 g of gold, with a purity level of 99.9%.

The Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) of S39 will be carried out in three phases. Currently, the S39 IEO is in its second phase (week 2) in which 2 million tokens will be available at $0.39. Investors can register on the Findexx exchange, and purchase the S39 tokens to benefit hugely from this gold pegged token available at the lowest price.

The Findexx exchange is not only helping S39 raise capital but also boosting the projects’ reach across the crypto ecosystem. And when it comes to S39, it’s more than a token. It will enable you to get the best out of the crypto space by connecting you with more than a hundred crypto projects.

The revenue generated via real-world project investments will be shared globally using the Super Dapps. So, by joining the S39 ecosystem, investors will also get the opportunity to access several real-world projects in the future.

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