Should you invest in Bitcoin

Investing in cryptocurrency could be a good investment, with companies like Bitcoin and Litecoin gusting up the stock market. Should you invest in Bitcoin? Cryptocurrency being a brand new business is grabbing attention all over the world, but it isn’t easy to foresee whether you will have similar values for your money after a year. With a rise in prices, Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency available right now, and it represents a great investment opportunity. Since January 2017, the value of a single Bitcoin has gone up more than 800%, and the total market cap of all cryptocurrencies is 1300%.

In comparison, the stock market is up about 17 or 18% at the same time, so you can see the difference between 1800 and 18%. So, the difference is pretty appealing, and an 800% return in one year sounds amazing, but it comes with many risks. Logbit will enlighten you about the decision to invest in cryptocurrency and whether it will be a good idea. You can access it for investment. It increases ease for the buyers. Learn more about it in the below lines.

The reason you should invest

There are some reasons why cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin makes global headers. One of the reasons is structured around the paradox of digital currency and how it is organized. The second reason is that, at the moment, the value of cryptocurrency is high, although it is volatile. As the world becomes increasingly connected across global boundaries and our reliance on completing transactions, there is a need for a universal payment method, so most people think cryptocurrency is filling that need. Cryptocurrency investors believe the future has a lot in store for these currencies. Many investors are drawn to cryptocurrency because their prices are spiking. In 2013 Bitcoin sold for $15 a coin, and now the price is up to $4000 a coin. So anytime assets rise dramatically, how many doubles cryptocurrency have created in 4 years, and it’s doubling every half year. That will attract a lot of attention from the investors who will gamble that cryptocurrency will continue to climb like that.

If you are thinking of investing in cryptocurrency today, you are going to make some insane profits with prices doubling every half year. According to investors, cryptocurrency will continue to increase dramatically in price. The price volatility can be very profitable if you get it right. The cryptocurrency story is really interesting, like a future Star Trek world. Invest in cryptocurrency with Logbit resources and earn decent returns with the prices going up continuously.

Bitcoin: The World’s First Compliant Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin is a new cryptocurrency focused on tokenizing oil barrels held in reserve. This cryptocurrency aims to create the world’s first legally compliant oil backed by cryptocurrency. This project has been done under the direction of U.S Commodity Futures Trading Commission veteran Bart Chilton and complies with laws and regulations of the United States concerning security offerings. Logbit will help you understand how Bitcoin is becoming the first complaint cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin aims to tokenize barrels of oil, where each token will present the value for one barrel and will also provide a less susceptible cryptocurrency to price volatility. The initial offering for Bitcoin will launch in the first quarter of 2018. Bitcoin aims to digitize around $1.7 trillion oil market worldwide. Oil is the largest and most traded commodity around the globe. It is a reliable platform that offers ease and convenience to all investors.

Bitcoin price will tend to move with the price of a single barrel of crude oil. The prices of Bitcoin rise above the price of an oil barrel due to the demand for Bitcoin. According to the supporters of the Bitcoin project, the reason oil reserves will back digital currency is that it will comply with the U.S. commodities and securities law and will address the criticism that cryptocurrency has been receiving from the statistics of finance and commerce and government regulations. Having strict compliance with these laws, Bitcoin will set new standards for the structure, issuance, transparency, and worldwide use of peer-to-peer exchangeable tokenized value.

According to Commissioner Chilton, Bitcoin is truly an advanced and unique effort focused on professionalizing and institutionalizing digital currency in ways not done before. The bitcoin team is dedicated to setting and adhering to new standards for designing and complying with digital currency regulations. Tokens for Bitcoin will be issued on the Ethereum blockchain through the ERC20 protocol. Each token will be backed by rights to a single reserve of oil barrels on a one-on-one basis. According to Bitcoin, oil barrel reserves will be audited by the SEC and published on their website. Presently there are no exact details concerning the price of Bitcoin tokens, but as ICO draws near, Bitcoin will likely release its comprehensive ICO information. If you want to stay updated on Bitcoin, sign up for email updates through the Bitcoin website.

Increase in Trading Volume

Increased cryptocurrency trading volumes indicate that users think the exchange is trustworthy. But these volumes can also be manipulated easily. It is important to check the trading volume from various sources like Coin Market Cap, which provides data daily. Volume is the most significant metric for a cryptocurrency due to how it can be broken down and how it indicates the directions and movements of a coin. You can also consider examining different exchanges and their volumes. This is important because exchanges have different prices because they are geographically focused. The top three traded coins based on volume are Bitcoin, Ripple, and Ethereum, with the largest market caps. If you are considering investing in cryptocurrency, Logbit suggests you carefully asses the trading volumes, which is an important tool.

Cryptocurrency volume has surpassed $50 billion globally, close to Exchange’s average turnover. This show just how blistering the cryptocurrency market was in 2017 and the trading is largely done by retail investors, which makes it closer to the stock market.

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