Sony announces that PSVR games will not be compatible with the new PSVR2

Bad news for those who were hoping to enjoy virtual reality games designed for the original PSVR on their PlayStation 5 with the new PSVR2.

The Japanese company has just confirmed in this Friday’s episode of the official PlayStation podcast that PSVR games will not be compatible with PSVR2 .

Step back in backward compatibility

“PSVR2 is designed to deliver a truly next-generation virtual reality experience,” said Senior Vice President of Platform Experience Hideaki Nishino.

According to the executive, the reasons for this backward compatibility limitation are that developing games for PSVR2 requires a completely different approach.

In this way, Sony continues to release information about its new virtual reality glasses that we know will arrive “in early 2023”, but that we still do not know their price.

The detail that they have revealed today is surprising but in part. PlayStation 5 users could use the original PSVR and play its games thanks to an adapter.

It was possible, then, that with the arrival of the new glasses they could enjoy those first-generation games with the most modern hardware, however, it will not be like that.

The PSVR2, meanwhile, will only be compatible with the PS5. In other words, to immerse ourselves in the new virtual reality experience from Sony, we must also have a new generation console.

They will connect to the console via a USB-C cable and offer 4K resolution with a refresh rate of 90 or 120 Hz. Unlike the previous generation, an external camera will not be needed.

The cameras will be integrated into the glasses and, in addition to following the user’s movements, they will enable an “outside vision” function to be activated, for example, to find the controls.

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