Steps To Publish A Scientific Journal – A Complete Guide

You need to understand that you have to face a lot of competition if you want to publish a scientific journal. It is crucial that you understand that there can be multiple reasons behind any rejection. Moreover, the peer-review process of the journal is an important element in publication because you will not be able to identify all the issues in your manuscript. Thus, you need proper guidance before publishing your scientific so that you can reduce the chances of rejection. That is why; this article will give you a complete guide to publishing a scientific journal. Following are the steps that you need to follow:

Do not rush in submitting:

It is important that you start writing at an early stage to publish a scientific journal. The main thing you need to focus on is that you should not rush into submitting your draft for publication as soon as you complete writing the conclusion. You should always allocate some time in the end to get an opportunity to identify and address any shortcomings in your work after receiving feedback from your editors. With this proactive approach, you will decrease the chance of disappointment and rejection. You need to carefully read your manuscript again and again at different times and please. In a scientific journal, Re-reading is important as it can help you identify the common issues in your work which you might ignore otherwise. If you face any issues in writing a scientific journal, then you look for a dissertation proposal writing service.

Choose a suitable publication outlet:

You need to ask your peers and colleagues about the most suitable journal to submit your work to before you publish a scientific journal. It is because choosing the right journal for your work can highly improve the chances of acceptance. It can also make sure that you target the right audience for your journal. You can find a journal search facility online where you can write your title and get a list of suitable journals for your work. Some scholars submit their work to more than one journal at the same time. This is against research ethics. You should submit your manuscript to one journal at one time. Otherwise, you can face copyright issues.

Read the guidelines of your target journal:

You need to know about your target journal before you publish a scientific journal. After reading your manuscript and finding the right journal, you need to read the scope and aims of that journal carefully. By doing this, you can increase your chances of getting accepted by the publisher. You should also download the guidelines and absorb them to ensure that your work is according to their guidelines. There are different styles and formats for different journals. You need to follow what rules your target journal follows. There might be some specific requirements for references, tables and figures. Your work will also get rejected if your objectives are not aligned with the scope and aim of the target journal. Thus, it is important that you format and structure your manuscript according to the guidelines of your target journal.

Focus on title and abstract:

To publish a scientific journal, you need to make a good impression with your abstract and title. It is important to note that abstracts and titles are highly significant components of a work. It is because they will be the first things that your editor will see. The title of your work should be able perfectly to summarize the main theme of your article. Your title should also reflect your theoretical contribution. You also need to write your abstract carefully. It must encompass the scope and aim of your study. You should write the main issue which you will be addressed with a proper theoretical framework. It is also important to mention implications, limitations, key findings, the data set and the method used.

Use a professional editing service:

Clarity is the most important element that you need to consider to publish a scientific journal. Before submitting your manuscript, it is highly important that you get a professional dissertation editing service. An article that you will submit to a journal will be read critically by the editors. One of the main reasons for the rejection of scientific journals is the lack of clarity and poor language. Thus, you need to ensure that you work properly written without any errors. Your text must need to show a professional image. This will show that you have taken your work seriously. It is important that work must be free from grammatical errors. It should not have any spelling mistakes. You need to make sure that you have properly cited the whole work.

Submit a cover letter as well:

You should never forget to write a cover letter which you will give to the editor. You should not publish a scientific journal with a cover letter. It is because a cover letter will give you an opportunity to convince the editors that their research work is worth publishing. You should spend proper time on the content of your cover letter as well. Many scholars just copy-paste the abstract into their cover letters. You need to avoid this practice as it can create a bad impression. In your cover letter, you should write the main theme of your paper. You should also need to argue the novelty of your work and justify the significance and relevance of your work to the chosen journal.

Address reviewer comments:

To publish a scientific journal, you need to address the reviewer’s comments carefully. Editors might give you some revisions. They might want you to bring a minor or major change in your work. It is very important that you carefully address this before resubmitting your manuscript.


With the help of the above guide, you can easily get your scientific journal approved by your target platform without any difficulty. All you need to do is to follow the above-given steps before you publish a scientific journal. Good Luck!

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