Netflix’s weekly ranking of the series most watched by its users shows a new record, this time by Stranger Things 4, which surpasses Bridgerton by far.

After almost three years since the release of Stranger Things Season 3, there were many fans and not-so fans of this series who wanted to see the fourth season and eagerly awaited news about it.

For May, Netflix announced the arrival of this fourth season of Stranger Things, which would also be divided into two parts, being called Stranger Things 4 Volume 1, released on May 27, and Stranger Things 4 Volume 2, which will be It will premiere on July 1.

This volume 1 by Stranger Things would consist of 7 chapters and in just 3 days since its premiere, it has achieved numbers never seen before on Netflix, and possibly on any online platform since its existence.

Thanks to Netflix’s ranking of the most-watched series in the corresponding week from May 23 to 30, we have been able to know that Stranger Things 4 has achieved a whopping 287 million hours of viewing (we remember that in just 3 days), with a difference of almost 222 million concerning the second in the ranking, The Lincoln Lawyer: Season 1.

This record for the most viewing hours on Netflix was held by Bridgerton: Season 2 with 193 million views. It should be noted that the data for Stranger Things is only equivalent to 3 days, because it was released on May 27, and the ranking is from May 23 to 30.

The same case occurred with Bridgerton: Season 2, which was released on the 25th, so the data of the record that it obtained cannot be compared, by one day of difference, with that of Stranger Things 4. Even so, being objective and based on the Netflix ranking, this record has been broken by a wide margin.

In this list of the most-watched series during the week of May 23 to 30, we can find something very curious, and that is that except for The Lincoln Lawyer, Stranger Things and all its seasons make up the top 5, thus showing how impatient there were the followers of this series for that fourth season.

The next step for Stranger Things 4 will be to try to break the record for the most-watched series in its first 28 days, which at the moment is in possession, again, of Bridgerton: Season 2 with 627.11 million hours of viewing, which At the moment it seems more than feasible.