Tesla is currently the most valuable  automaker  in the world , and to stay on top of it, the company has one more ace up its sleeve:

its own ride-hailing app, Tesla Network . According to analysts, the app can affect the competition quickly.


Ark Research , says that go-to-market strategy can be key to launching the service. “Based on our research, Tesla could launch its ride-sharing service at a premium price of $4 per mile, slightly more than Uber ‘s average price in New York City , and could lower prices over time. to enter more price-sensitive markets”, he pointed out.

Tesla has been working on its ride-hailing app for a while. It was initially planned to be made available alongside the fully autonomous autopilot system . But more recently, Musk said he’s open to launching the app before full autonomy is finalized.Service may be launched before the fully autonomous autopilot system is available. Photo: reproduction

While cars still don’t drive themselves, the ride-sharing app would work like its competitors, with the driver guiding the vehicle. But the intention is that in the future, they can simply “send” their cars in for service, generating revenue for the owner . This could further reduce the amount paid to use the service.

Car insurance

Taking advantage of its good revenue and performance in the vehicle market, Tesla wants to go further. The automaker’s CEO, Elon Musk, announced last Wednesday (22) that he intends to launch car insurance in several US states by the end of the year.

In a call with investors, Elon Musk said Tesla was in the process of “building” what he called a “great insurance company,” as Business Insider reported. The idea is to use the data collected on their vehicles to offer cheaper products to drivers.

The latest Tesla app update now shows recalls for your vehicle

Tesla continually updates its vehicles with changes or new features, and the same goes for the mobile app. The company recently updated its mobile app (Android/iOS) to version 4.9, and now displays all reminders for the connected vehicle.

Top 8 best Tesla app Twitter account saw this change for the first time and now it looks like it’s rolling out to more users. While the “service” menu previously displayed appointments and information about upcoming service or appointments,

the company will now be able to send a notification to owners indicating that a recall is available for a specific vehicle.

The change makes the app’s service menu capable of displaying web pages, and the company can send alerts and retrieve information there, instead of refreshing the app whenever a reminder occurs.

Tesla recently issued a recall for vehicles going through stop signs, so the company has released an over-the-air software update (and recall) for a speedometer issue, and these are likely not the last.


Tesla recalls are often related to software issues rather than hardware, meaning owners rarely need to visit a Tesla service center or do anything else.

Instead, the car gets a software update that fixes the problem.

Previously, many of Tesla’s software reminders, such as turning off rolling stops or turning off boombox mode, received a more comprehensive vehicle update. 

Tesla will likely continue to offer details and notes on each software update and display reminder information on the dedicated mobile app.

As the feature is still new, we don’t know if users will get a notification when a reminder is available, but this would be the best way to get the most out of this new feature.

Keep in mind that the feature doesn’t appear in all regions yet, although the changes are present in the latest 4.9 version. The company may slowly roll it out to specific markets, so we’ll have to wait and see.