The best of Gadgets to stay warm this winter

Gadgets to stay warm – We already know that technology has reached all areas of life, making it possible for any device to become a new product in this maelstrom by granting more and more advanced functions to everything surrounding us.

Undoubtedly the low temperatures and the cold is something that we will experience every year when winter makes an appearance in the environment. That is why it is not surprising that there are more and more products to combat it and incorporate technologies to make our lives easier and more bearable.

From AliExpress, Gadgets to stay warm want no one to get cold this winter, so they have made certain products available to all the users that will help with this need, some of them even entirely original.

If something is clear, no one should go cold again from now on.


This highly efficient heater achieves a maximum power of 1,000 W at a third of its speed. In the second, it stays at 700 W, while the air is cold in the first.

The GAIATOP electric heater is surprising since, with this power, the maximum noise that we will have is 45 dB maximum, regardless of the amount of work it accumulates.

It has a triangular wooden support, which is removable and combines with the non-slip silicone on the bottom, making the whole set more stable.

Let’s compare it with classic heating technology. Gadgets to stay warm We are dealing with a much faster system since it is already hot in just 2 seconds, the heating efficiency is better, the energy saving is more significant, without flame, without oxygen consumption, and more secure.


This electric heater can reach 500W and uses PTV ceramic as heating material. In addition, it has an exciting energy-saving system since it only needs 8.6 kWh of electricity to work. The price is 20.39 euros and is delivered in 3 days.

Its dimensions are 10.3 x 11 x 26.2 cm, weighing 0.8 kilograms.

The ATWFS electric heater has a button that controls the ignition of the device. We can select whether we want rapid heating only in three seconds or a comprehensive angle system.

In addition, something exciting is that it incorporates a highly effective safety system against overheating and another against falls that will turn off the device when it is tilted more than 30 degrees, thus avoiding accidents.

Xiaomi NINETYGO: Gadgets to stay warm

Ideal jacket to keep warm this winter since it comes heated and with an excellent price of 101.39 euros using the COM10 coupon, Gadgets to stay warm a coupon that will be active between December 16 and 31 and only in Spain. Delivery will be in 7 days.

In addition to providing a lot of heat in three different body areas, this jacket is IPX4 certified, so it resists rain.

It’s stylish, has intelligent climate control, and is powered by a standard power bank regulated via a button. In addition, the inner fabric uses a material to increase the temperature quickly with infrared rays and a strong capacity for heat to be stored.

The jacket uses a carbon nanotube heating system that combines intelligent heating technology with high-power TurboHeat temperature control.

They are equipped with a zippered pocket in which, simply by opening it, we can extract a USB socket in which we can put an external and portable battery and use it to heat the jacket.

Gadgets to stay warm JYMCW Electric Vest

This JYMCW vest has a heating system and must be charged through a USB connector. The final price, using the WARM2 coupon, is 19.02 euros.

It has multiple heating zones, thanks to the carbon fiber heaters that it stores at the waist, belly, and upper part of the back. The heating system is by infrared from V.

In addition, it incorporates 3 different temperature settings; it is resistant to water and has a maximum temperature of 45 degrees Celsius (it is customary to take it between 25 and 30 degrees).


The latest heater that AliExpress presents to you is this portable Heater model, which can be taken anywhere without effort. If we use the WARM2 coupon, its price remains at only 26.16 euros.

It has a power of 1,200 W, which is enough to have a sweltering room. In addition, it incorporates 2 speeds, one of them low consumption.

To all this, we must add that it is a very quiet device since, at its maximum power, it does not exceed 53 dB, having a sleeping mode in which it remains at just 34 dB.

In addition, you can enjoy the following discount codes, valid in Spain from December 16 to 31. There are a limited number of coupons.

  • WARM2
  • COM5
  • COM10
  • WARM30

It is clear that from now on you will not be cold anymore, since AlieExpress has done everything possible to offer you the best technology-oriented for heating the rooms of your house and yourself.

Do not hesitate and take advantage of the opportunity to take some of these products with you so as not to spend even a “bit” of cold this and in future years.

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