The Blogger’s Ultimate Guide to Facebook Groups for Business –

If you are a business owner who doesn’t want to market on social media but wants to grow your business through the power of Facebook groups then this blog post is for you! We have compiled the ultimate guide with different groups created just for businesses. With these groups, you’ll be able to find and join any group that has something that interests your audience and will be able to offer them a spot of value. Subscriberz provides different types of social media engagement, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitch and more services. IN this services, they provide more likes, followers and views. Scrolling through pages upon pages of group profiles can be overwhelming at first.

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  1. Which Facebook Groups Should I Join? How Do I Find Them?

        For finding Facebook Groups, ask around! 

  1. Different Types of Facebook Groups
  2. What Do I Do in the Facebook Group Once I’ve Joined?
  3. How Do I Network within Facebook Groups?
  4. Should I Get a Mentor in a Facebook Group?
  5. Should I Advertise Myself or My Business within Facebook Groups?
  6. Can I Market a New Product of Mine in Facebook Groups?
  7. Can I Get Product Ideas from Facebook Groups?
  8. Should I Make My Own Facebook Group?
  9. What Are the Characteristics of an Effective Facebook Group?

    Take Away

A lot of people don’t realize the power of Facebook Groups – heck, some think Facebook is long past its popularity time – but we’re here to tell you this is not true!

If utilized the correct way, Facebook Groups can be a huge traffic source for your business – whether that is blogging or social media (or both).

We’ve researched and found 10 questions and answers and tips and tricks to utilizing Facebook Groups to grow your blogging or social media business, and that’s what we’re going to get into today. Let’s get to it!

  1. Which Facebook Groups Should I Join? How Do I Find Them?

This is one of the hardest parts of all – honestly. The rest is pretty self-explanatory. But finding the right group can be hard.

There are some key factors you want to look for when finding your Facebook Group and also how to find them (then we will get into the different kinds and how they affect your business in different ways).

    Look for Facebook Groups that have a minimum of 1,000 people.

    Look for Facebook Groups that have the keywords that will relate to more business for you (eventually).

Some of these key words may be “engagement,” “blogging,” “lifestyle,” etc. It all depends on what your niche is and what your goal is within the Facebook Groups.

For finding Facebook Groups, ask around!

Chances are, many of your blogging or social media friends have a list of Groups they are a part of – and will gladly give you the name of said groups. This is one of the easiest ways to find good Groups to join (word of mouth is worth gold!)

  1. Different Types of Facebook Groups

Like mentioned earlier, there are different types of Facebook Groups that will helped your business in different ways.

Some of the different types of Groups are as follows:

    Engagement Groups: meant to help drive your traffic numbers higher by doing a one-for-one engagement on blog posts and social media posts

    Roundup Groups: meant to help corral all roundup blog requests into one common place for people to pick and choose which ones they want to participate in

    Business Groups: meant to help you find your way through the business side of blogging or social media

    Blogging Help: meant to help you with blogging (layout, writing, style, content, etc.)

    Writing Help: meant to help you with your writing within your blog posts or social media posts

As you can see, there is no shortage to the types of Facebook Groups. Join one of each type of group. This will ensure that every single aspect of your blogging or social media business is being tackled from every possible corner there is.

  1. What Do I Do in the Facebook Group Once I’ve Joined?

So many people have asked this exact question. Multiple times.

Treat Facebook Groups as a virtual conference; you know those conferences you’ve attended before where there is a large room set up with various booths from different companies? And there’s a company rep at each booth? And each company is selling or advertising something unique to them? Well, that large room is Facebook. And those “companies” are Facebook Groups.

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This is one reason why you don’t want to limit yourself – and you want to make sure you are an active member of multiple different types of groups. (The same reason you wouldn’t visit the aforementioned conference and only stop at one booth while you are there.

So, here’s what you do once you have joined:

Introduce Yourself: this doesn’t have to be a lengthy thing. Just let everyone know who you are, what you do, a few interesting facts about you, and what you’re looking to get out of the group and what you’re wanting to put into the group. This will go a long way.

Ask Questions: Facebook Groups are some of the best places to find answers to your infinite number of blogging or business-related questions. And a bonus? They’re opened 24/7 (and most groups have members online 24/7 as well) – so you can ask away while working on your blog late at night or early in the morning and expect to get an answer.

Search the Group for Topics: are you curious about how to change the size of a photo on your blog? Type “blog photo size” in the search box on the group. Bam. There’s your answer. Curious about how to drive traffic to your blog? Type “blog traffic” in the search box on the group. Voila. Done. Searching is a great way to look up various topics within the Group.

Offer Help to Others: offer help! We have all been new to blogging at some point or another. And who was there to help us when we were new and asking 1,000 questions a day? People in Facebook Groups. So, pay it forward! Answer questions daily, if you can, within your Groups. People truly appreciate it and you never know where those comments may lead.

These are just a few ways that you can become active within your Facebook Groups. There are countless other ways to do it, but these will get you off to a good start.

  1. How Do I Network within Facebook Groups?

Not enough people are networking within Facebook Groups when it really is so easy to do – and so profitable in the long run!

So, remember the conference room analogy? Well, keep that mindset while you’re thinking of networking in Facebook Groups.

Here’s how you can actually network within Facebook Groups:

Introduce Yourself: this really is important – it’s just like within the conference room – this is your first impression with everyone, so make it a cheerful, professional, long-lasting one!

Stay Active within Your Groups: make sure you are active within the Groups you are joining…if you want anything out of them, ever. The best way to ruin a “gig” found in Facebook Groups is to never have the opportunity in the first place, make sense?

Answer Questions: already mentioned this before too but this is important. Answering questions within Facebook Groups is one of the quickest ways to land a business deal with someone.

*NOTE: Whenever using affiliate links, ensure you disclose the fact that they are affiliate links – make sure you remain transparent to others!*

Maximize Your Opportunities: maximize, maximize, maximize. This is very similar to the information provided within the “answer questions” bullet point above, but slightly different – in that, you want to maximize your opportunity for business deals at every given moment within Facebook Groups.

People are always looking for guest posters, virtual assistants, writers, editors, Pinterest managers, ideas, pictures, the list goes on! Look out for these posts (or any posts) for opportunities to offer your business and services. Keep an eye out at all times. There are always opportunities within Facebook Groups.

Remember, there isn’t just one way to network within Facebook Groups (just like there isn’t just one way in the physical business world, either). Keep your eyes opened at all times!

  1. Should I Get a Mentor in a Facebook Group?

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Yes, yes, yes! Definitely seek out a mentor who is similar to you. If you’re in the travel blogging world, seek out a veteran travel blogger who will take you under their wing and share with you advice and tips and be open to questions down the road.

This doesn’t have to be a formal mentor through a contract or agreement – just find someone you look up to (maybe someone who answers a lot of questions) and ask them if they’d help you out.

  1. Should I Advertise Myself or My Business within Facebook Groups?

YES! Advertising yourself is a key part of Facebook Groups. It kind of goes back into the “answer questions” bullet point from number 4 above. Be active in your Groups, answer questions, and advertise, advertise, advertise!

Now, here’s the thing: you can’t just go post an ad in Facebook Groups asking people to click on your link or do xyz for your blog. It has to be subtle.

Here’s how you can subtly advertise within Facebook Groups:

Keywords: make sure you are searching the group for “planner” if you have recently launched a planner and are trying to find customers to buy said planner. If you happen to come across someone looking for a planner, let them know that you have one! Maybe even offer them a discount code or an affiliate partnership. There are so many ways to go about this.

DMs: a lot of Groups have rules about leaving links (especially affiliate links) in comments – so check out your Group’s rules first. You can always ask someone if you can DM them if a conversation is starting within comments. It’s a great way to have a conversation that may lead to a new friend, a new reader, a partnership, or maybe even a sale!

These are just a handful of ways to advertise within Facebook Groups. The most important part about this is that now you know – you can advertise within Facebook Groups! You can do it but you still must do it honestly.

  1. Can I Market a New Product of Mine in Facebook Groups?

Absolutely! Yes you can market your new products in Facebook Groups!

So, moving forward – do you have a course that you’re wanting to launch soon? A printable? A new blog? Whatever you have, know that Facebook Groups are the place to be pre-launch and post-launch for all things product-related.

  1. Can I Get Product Ideas from Facebook Groups?

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Yes, you absolutely can!

Some of my best “product” ideas have come from Facebook Groups.

You can get the ideas from various comments and posts within Facebook Groups.

A lot of you probably already know the product you want to produce, but maybe you need help getting from point A to point B – utilize Groups for this! Ask questions, ask your mentor – ask anyone within the Groups – they are there to help you (that’s what the Groups are for!). You will be on your way to a brand-spanking-new-and-exciting-product in no time!

  1. Should I Make My Own Facebook Group?

YES. Absolutely. Hands-down. 100%. Make your own Facebook Group today.

There are so many reasons why having your own Facebook Group is a good thing (and highly recommended by the experts).

Some reasons are:

    You meet more people this way.

    You get to network even more.

    You get to make your own rules within your own Facebook Group.

    You get to choose who gets in and who doesn’t.

    You get to choose who is booted out (if necessary).

    You can market and advertise non-stop, if you want, within your own Facebook Group.

    You can post your blog posts within your own Facebook Group.

    You can make your Facebook Group what you’ve always wanted from other Facebook Groups but haven’t found.

These are just a few reasons, to get you started. But there are so, so many. Having your own Facebook Group is really like having your own booth at the conference – actually, that’s exactly what it is. You get to decorate your booth however you’d like – you get to advertise your own products at your booth – you get to invite people to your booth – you can do whatever you want with your booth and it’s ok because it’s your booth.

So, go ahead, go make your Facebook Group now. And know this: you can have multiple Facebook Groups!

  1. What Are the Characteristics of an Effective Facebook Group?

There are many characteristics of an effective Facebook Group – when talking about a “your own” Facebook Group.

Here are some of the top characteristics that you should aim for today:

Introduce Yourself Regularly: this is most important once you get above 150 group members – before then, most people know you well already.

Be Genuine: people can sense some who is genuine from so far away – we promise they can. Stay genuine within your group. Admit to mistakes, if you make them. Ask questions, to show you’re human. Be the “go to” person on topics that you know really well. But always be yourself.

Be Consistent: consistency for you may not be the same as consistency for me. Your consistency may be only weekly posts at first – and that’s ok! Just make sure that whatever you do, you’re consistent with it. This goes down to the font you use in your graphics and the color scheme you use for anything. People want to be able to scroll through their news feeds and know when they have stumbled across a post from your Group.

Stay with The Times: make sure you are staying up to date within your niche. This is important. Read all the new articles and blog posts about traveling, if that’s your niche. Introduce new strategies to your Group members – and new ideas. They will learn over time that they can count on you to bring the newest, hottest things to the traveling Facebook Group (or whatever your Group is) and this will account for so much down the road – when they’re seeking your input over the leading travel bloggers’ input!

Be Honest: this is similar to being genuine, but let me take more of a business and professional standpoint on this one: be honest, no matter what. Don’t know the answer to a question? Like they always told me in the Navy, don’t bs! Tell the truth. Tell them you don’t know but you will find out for them or lead them to the right person to ask.

Same goes for product and blog recommendations (and anything else in that realm): don’t recommend something just because you’re getting paid for it – or because your friend wants you to – or for whatever other reason.

Recommend it because you believe in it, it works, and you stand by it 100%. And tell your Group members that you do this. They will grow to trust you and know that if you are recommending something, it’s because it’s really good. This will help down the road when you’re recommending something you are selling or producing.

Take Away

Remember, Facebook Groups are the booths at the large conference – if you keep this in mind, and imagine yourself logging on to Facebook with your best business attire on, you will have success in the Groups.

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