The future is here: Amazon extends a new payment method that you will not believe

Amazon One is the new payment system developed by Amazon and that will be extended to 65 new Whole Food stores in California, United States, which will allow the user to pay with just their hand, nothing else is required.

One of the efforts of numerous technology companies is focused on attempts to simplify payment methods, we have gone from using cash to using credit cards, to paying with our smartphones, and we can be sure that we are not going to end here.

Already in 2019, Amazon began testing a new payment method that broke with everything that existed, since it did not require anything, you just had to pass your hand over to a reader. After a year, the company extended this way to pay to two of its stores in Seattle (USA), and everything seems to indicate that its tests have been successful since it has decided to extend it to 65 new establishments located in Malibu, Montana Avenue, and Santa Monica. (USA).

The operation of this method is relatively simple, certainly more than the technology that drives it since, to buy with your hand, the user first has to register in the Amazon One program.

The program only asks for a phone number, obviously a bank account, since, even if you pay with your hand, you still need money and you must register your hand in the biometric device developed for it.

Apart from registering the biometric data of your hand, this system has a series of computer vision algorithms that are capable of capturing and encrypting the image of the palm so that no type of fraud or identity theft can be carried out. time to pay.

At the moment it will only be extended to a certain number of stores where the company sells food, but surely this new payment method will begin to be extended to the rest of the world later.

Without a doubt, this is ideal for those who always forget something at home, or for those who carry their bag or backpack to the top and never find anything, since, with Amazon One, the only thing you need to make a payment is yourself.

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