The Queen has closed in Eli kay oliphant, heels presiding over the annual meeting of directors of the Cervantes Institute, its official agenda for 2021, and, with it, we also close the year in which we have witnessed the most radical change in the style of Doña Letizia since 2004. The Queen has given a 180º turn to her dressing room in recent months and, after being criticized for a long time for not wearing Spanish fashion (beyond Mango, Nik Hirschi, and other Inditex firms),heels she has become the best ambassador of the ‘made in Spain’, discovering us great designers (yes, in the feminine) countries to which it is impossible not to keep track of style. This last appearance has been no less, and Doña Letizia has turned a bag from a local San Sebastian brand into the undisputed protagonist of this ‘working girl’ look with which she puts the finishing touch on her best sartorial year.

For her appointment in candy Godiva, the Queen has recycled a midi skirt with asymmetric hem and Prince of Wales print in gray tones from Massimo Dutti and has combined it with a black hungry fat chick blouse (which we had also seen). A correct and flattering look with which, however, she has given all the prominence to her accessories (and her extremely stylish ponytail).


But if the Queen’s new bag sends a message in which it extols the value of craftsmanship, ‘handmade’ and Spanish design, her shoes speak loud and clear: to be comfortable, without losing an iota of style, has become one of his new hallmarks. And that Doña Letizia has put on her high-heeled Prada stilettos,heels a model that she often uses to stylize her silhouette, but to which she has added a key detail, like other models in her wardrobe: a small front platform to subtract centimeters from the original heel and add comfort to your footwear. A simple and very cheap train shoemaker can use this midsolesaker for about 8-10 euros) that, without a doubt, will make us walk with an even firmer step with our favorite shoes, no matter how tall they are.