The most beloved Programming Languages

With the end of 2022, Stack Overflow has done an annual review of programming languages ​​and created a complete roundup of which are the biggest hits in the industry, the most loved, and even the most feared.

The end of 2022 is approaching and many companies release their annual summaries or statistics with the aim that the population, depending on the subject to be analyzed, get a small idea of ​​the situation.

In this case, we focus on the Stack Overflow survey, which has asked software developers what their favorite program is, which of them is the best or worst paid, or even the future of some programs like Java.

This report is populated with responses from exactly 73,268 software developers from 180 countries around the world. A number that the web qualifies as sufficient to obtain qualified answers.

With a multitude of sections and different results expressed in the survey, we want to focus on something very specific today: the programming languages that have triumphed in 2022 and which are the best-paid in the sector.

These are the programming languages ​​most loved by developers

In this case, and terms of the most loved, feared, and desired programming, scripting, and markup languages, it seems that most developers fall in love with Rust, followed by Elixir, Clojure, and TypeScript.

Rust is in its seventh year as the most loved language, with 87% of developers saying they want to continue using it. It also ties with Python for the most desired technology by developers, with TypeScript a close second

Rust was created to guarantee a high performance similar to that offered by C and C++, but emphasizing the security of the code, the lack of which is a great point to improve these two languages. However, Rust has more to his side than this.

Its high performance in processing large amounts of data and its support for concurrent programming, along with a powerful compiler, are other reasons why well-known software heavyweights now use this programming language.

To 20 of the programming languages ​​that will make you earn the most money

Let’s go now with something perhaps more interesting if you want to start training in the world of programming or you want to increase your knowledge. We show you the 20 highest-paid programming languages.

Here, Clojure is still the highest-paid language ($106,644 annually). The Chef developers, although they do not appear in the infographic that we show you below, are also among the best-paid ($120,000 per year), but this language is also the most feared, so we remove it from the equation (it is not used by so many people).

Looking at other data and tables provided, big data and streaming data insights pay well with Apache Spark, Apache Kafka ($83,182/yr), and Hadoop ($76,000/yr) among the top three frameworks and libraries.

As for Clojure, which is at the top, we are faced with a very complete language capable of carrying out backend processing tasks, such as media analysis, analysis and/or simulation of financial markets, and various types of flow processing, and analysis.

Many of the companies that carry out these projects in Clojure do not advertise it much beyond their open positions, which are sometimes only available through recruiters (i.e. they are not publicly advertised on the company’s official job site). ), but it seems to be in high demand in the industry, so it doesn’t hurt to have this programming language on the radar.

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