The most spectacular jungles in the world

The world is full of spectacular landscapes. Deserts, mountains, seas, and glaciers. However, tropical forests are the ones with the greatest diversity. Some of the most spectacular jungles contain many species and, in some cases in danger of extinction. In addition, they are distributed around the entire planet and function as natural lungs, cleaning our atmosphere.

The Amazon, Hawaii, and Congo are some of the largest and most popular jungles. In these ecosystems, there is great biodiversity, as there is a large amount of wild flora and fauna. Thus, the forests are a true spectacle of nature that we must protect and preserve so that the endangered species do not disappear.

It is not surprising, therefore, that more and more people are organizing on social networks to defend the environment. The hashtag #jungle has more than a million posts on Instagram. Likewise, its English (jungle) search shows more than eight million images on this social platform.

If you want to discover the world’s most spectacular jungles, look at the following image gallery. Without a doubt, nature and our planet will never cease to amaze us.


Did you know that the Amazon rainforest is the largest in the world? Brazil and Peru have the largest extension of the Amazon, followed by Bolivia and Colombia. In addition, it contains one-tenth of all the forests on Earth.


Chiang Mai is the most visited city in northern Thailand. In this jungle, you can find fabulous waterfalls and spectacular landscapes.


The Iguazú Falls are located on the Iguazú River, on the border between the province of Misiones and the Brazilian state of Paraná. You can take boat rides under the falls and walks along trails appreciating some animals of the semitropical forest.


The tropical jungle of Palawan is a remote place that stands out for its transparent seabed. In addition, it is a territory occupied by indigenous peoples.

Costa Rica
Costa Rica stands out for its tropical jungles and forests full of flora and fauna. In addition, it is the place with the largest number of orchids and the habitat of species such as the quetzal.


In this nature reserve, you can walk through the jungle. The trees block the sun and allow you to walk peacefully. In addition, you can enjoy the wildlife and plants.

Valdivian Forest Ecoregion (Chile / Argentine Patagonia)

The Valdivian forest or Valdivian jungle, located in the center-south of Chile and Argentine Patagonia, is a spectacle of green. Its trees are always green forests thanks to a temperate-rainy or oceanic climate. This wonderful jungle covers 248,100 km2, i.e., bamboos, angiosperms, ferns, conifers, glaciers, ice caps, slender coastal strips, and a central valley. The forest is famous for its native vegetation and trees over 45 meters tall.

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