The nine most impressive games seen at the Gamescom 2022 Future Games Show

We can’t help it: we love these conferences where dozens of fair, independent games are announced that don’t attract as much attention from the press and fans. Gamesradar announced fifty games to suit all tastes at its Gamescom event, all brimming with originality, pixel-perfect craftsmanship, and brilliant ideas. We have selected some of the best.

The conference started by announcing a new title for next-gen PCs and consoles. It is a surreal, almost lysergic experience in which we must fight to save our memories before they decompose or become completely corrupted.

Terrifying pixelated graphics in a detective game whose trailer was magnetic, atmospheric, and promising. With a game system that defines itself as “pure non-linear research” and that guarantees more than one complication, it will be released for PC this 2022, and it has a demo that can already be enjoyed on Steam

Yesterday we already anticipated how well this little wonder painted, which defines itself as ‘Lovecraftian Metroidvania, ‘ a combination that could not sound better to us. Lovely 2D graphics, Harry Houdini as an inventory vendor, and combat that feels more complex and sophisticated than usual. Already our most anticipated indie game of 2023.

November 3 on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series is the expected date and format for this game of strange rituals and sinister cults on an island that looks like a spiritual retreat but turns into a veritable mouth of hell. Horror, action, and exploration in a game whose main attraction is its apparent mix of genres.

Space adventure and exploration strongly emphasize the story: A trainee astronaut wants to go to Mars to help retrieve the technology that will save Earth, and also want to find out if her long-lost father is still alive on the Red Planet. According to its creators, this sequel to Deliver Us Moon increases the progressive difficulty of the puzzles and adds a whole new exploration system with escalation mechanics.

Another 2D graphic adventure, again with overtones of psychological and Lovecraftian horror. Set in Alaska, we will have to suffer terrible hallucinations in a climate of paranoia that also seems to drink from the immortal ‘The Thing’ by John Carpenter. It is planned for 2023 on PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, and PC.

A Brazilian title whose demo has been causing a sensation on Steam for a few months. Although it has still nobounced specific release date, it is certainly one of the most intense and terrifying titles this year. It uses the hallucinations of war veterans with post-traumatic stress as a plot background, so the horrors of the war conveniently turned into creatures from hell will be the order of the day.

The most striking and suggestive games of the Gamesradar conference have been those that approached terror. Or that they directly plunged into it, like this Blooper Team title for PC and consoles, which has reminded us of a kind of ‘PT’ in a gothic key, and that will have us wandering around an enchanted mansion looking for a way out.

The game conceived by Neill Blomkamp, ​​director of ‘District 9’, which will put 150 players with cybernetic enhancements to fight in a battle royale, still does not show gameplay. But Gamesradar closed his conference with a juicy cinematic of the many that will give details about the world and the possibilities of this game, and that, of course, makes clear the visual power of Unreal Engine 5.

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