The script of the final scene of Stranger Things season 4 Volume 2 is shared

The Stranger Things writing team has published the last three pages of the script for the fourth season of the successful Netflix series to liven up the wait for the new season.

The fourth season of Stranger Things premiered on Netflix at the beginning of the summer and is divided into two volumes. However, despite a few months since its second part premiere, the series continues to arouse passion among its fans.The Stranger Things writing team has been posting snippets of the show’s scripts for a while on Twitter, revealing new details about the show to everyone’s delight.

This is the script for the end of Stranger Things season 4

In one of their latest posts, they announced the number of episodes the new season of Stranger Things would have, and in a previous tweet, they shared what a scene featuring Steve and Eddie looked like on paper.

Now, Stranger Writers has shared with the public the script of the last scene of Stranger Things season 4 Volume 2 that we leave you below:

If you haven’t seen the series yet and don’t want spoilers, we recommend you not read what’s written on those three pages of the script or the following lines.

“ Evil is spreading both on the ground and in the sky… ” say the last words of the script at the end of Stranger Things. ” An epic shot of Eleven, Hopper, Joyce, Mike, Will, Nancy and Jonthan , together in the field of half-dead flowers, preparing for one last fight .”

“ And right here, when the music picks up… SEASON ENDING,” the script concludes. The last season of Stranger Things has an ending that closes some of its plots but simultaneously leaves several unknowns open, preparing us for the series’ final season.

The first four seasons of Stranger Things are already available in the Netflix catalog. The fifth season of Stranger Things will still take a few months to arrive, as it will not be released on the platform until we are in 2024.

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