The Tremendous Surge Trader: Review

Surge Capital Ventures, LLC owns the proprietary Tremendous Surge Trader. A brand-new real estate company founded in May 2021 by seasoned Forex traders, including brokers and venture capitalists. The surge trader review’s primary objective is to assist successful traders in maximizing their performance by speeding up funding.

Despite its short existence, this company is experiencing tremendous growth internationally for several reasons. Including the transparency of its trading rules and simplicity, you won’t have to deal with numerous intricate regulations to manage your capital. On the other hand, its ranking process is very straightforward, as opposed to becoming nearly endless in other prop trading firms.

There are no constraints on trading styles with Tremendous Surge Trader so you may use any trading technique (hedging methods, automated or algorithmic trading, trading using fundamental research, etc. You may request your winnings at any moment once a month, and payout processing is pretty quick, with no minimum amount required.

SurgeTrader provides a user-friendly Trader Portal where you can keep route of all your trading activity. If you have any questions or issues, you can contact their customer support team, which is regarded as having very high standards due to how quick and efficient it is, especially their live online chat feature.


As we already said, SurgeTrader was created in May 2021. Thus, its history is brief. It occasionally leads to people seeking a secure proprietary trading business needing to trust it. Nevertheless, we have discovered some proof that may provide us with a high degree of conviction that this organization is trustworthy and an excellent choice if you want to be a sponsored trader.

It is crucial to remember that this business is situated in the United States, where rules are severely upheld, particularly those about financial services.

In addition, the package payment is one-time and not recurring, as in other proprietary trading firms. You would only be putting the cost of the box at risk because the business is committed to covering the dropping generated once you are trading in the funded live account. Because of this, even though it is a new company, we need more data to ensure that it is a trustworthy prop trading firm. We can infer from the limited information that it is not a business setup to deceive its customers.


As you can see, it could have better reviews, but that was to be anticipated for a business as new as Surgetrader.


With an average rating of 4.6, which is strong compared to other similar proprietary trading businesses, it is clear that it is a verified corporation. SurgeTrader’s transparent and open policies, excellent customer support, and other factors have led to several customers having positive experiences with the platform.


Similar to the great majority of the top prop trading companies, Tremendous Surge Trader SurgeTrader operates. You must complete a (paid) audition or assessment procedure to prove your abilities and discipline as a successful trader to become a funded trader.


If we include the assets from each market, more than 350 financial instruments are available to you in SurgeTrader. Unlike certain Forex prop businesses or futures prop firms, which specialize in a single category, SurgeTrader’s best prop trading firms offer a variety of financial instrument categories, making its product adaptable for all sorts of traders and trading techniques.


One of SurgeTrader’s drawbacks is that its customers and we have noticed its leverage is not among the greatest. For instance, the maximum leverage level is set at 10:1 for Forex, metals, oils, and indices. It is decreased to a minimum of 5:1 for stocks and set at a maximum of 2:1 for cryptocurrencies. These trading terms provided by SurgeTrader in terms of leverage are justified because trading with excessive leverage is unproductive in increasing risk while attempting to achieve much bigger returns.

Demand Venues:

As we already indicated, SurgeTrader provides its services through the broker, which only permits trading using the other platforms. Since they are highly reliable trading terminals that have undergone extensive evolution, as you are undoubtedly aware, these platforms are among the most well-known and adored in the trading community. Now, the platforms described above are for order execution. Still, SurgeTrader offers a web portal where you can see your trading information, including, among other things, the progress toward your profit objective, the maximum drop, ownership, and balance.


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