The truth about ROT

Isak’s signing for Newcastle for 70 million was a bomb in the market. The Swedish striker scored six goals last year with Real Sociedad at the age of 22 and has been one of the most millionaire movements in the history of the League, leaving aside the transactions of Barcelona, ​​Atlético, and Real Madrid. Also, international players such as Álvaro Morata, Gerard Moreno, or Rodrigo Moreno have a much higher value than the current Zarra Trophy, Raúl de Tomás, whose clause is 75 million, and there has been no solid offer for at least two days until September 1. He is close to 20, a figure similar to what Espanyol paid for him.

Raúl de Tomás is international and fights with that list of strikers to attend the next World Cup in Qatar. In two seasons, he has scored 40 goals (between First and Second) in all possible ways because the player has barbaric technical conditions. RTT has scored from penalties, direct free kicks, headers, with the right and left, with two touches and one, from midfield, and even dribbling past several rivals. He has marked Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​but not even with those. The club contemplates a transfer without hours to close the market. The Premier could be his destiny. Sevilla, Atlético, or Real Madrid has been talking, but nothing conclusive came to the club.

“Too much packaging for what the product is. He is polite and a ten as a person, but sometimes he is above good and evil. His self-centeredness kills him,” explains an expert Spanish league scout who followed his career from Real Madrid; when he leaped to the second team at 18 years, old already saw that he was very good. In training we said ‘fuck, as he defines’. He was quick on the head, he had personality. He never hid”, says a colleague who belonged to that squad in which RdT began to show his special character.

“I wanted to be Cristiano, he made his gestures and his poses.”

“He was a good boy, but I thought about him a lot. He believed he was the best and started having arguments with the veterans,” he adds. In Valdebebas, his extravagances were not very well seen. He was, for example, passionate about cars. Every two or three months, he changed it. Even then, he swapped with the former Espanyol player Fernando Marqués. “The first times he went to train with the first team, he did it at Ferrari. Ramos told him, what are you doing? Also striking was RdT’s fixation on Cristiano Ronaldo. “I wanted to be a Christian. He made his gestures and poses for him. His personality was complicated. He didn’t quite have a good feeling with his teammates; sometimes, when you talked to him, he said that he was in his world, that you shouldn’t bother him”.

He was a young RdT who began to chain assignments. The first away from home was at Córdoba. A team that had Florin Andone and Xisco in the attack. RTT, who was De Tomás at that time, only started 11 games. “They told me that it was the jewel in the crown of Real Madrid. He played little, he had shoulder problems. The coaching staff generated continuous wear. He didn’t understand why he played less. He is a player that you have to pamper, be on top of, give him affection, I think he is that way because of what he has lived in his life. He wanted to be like Cristiano Ronaldo”, explains a source from that team in the 2015-16 academic year. “He also wanted to take penalties, free kicks, take out and finish off corners.He was a good boy, with a good background, shy and introverted, but perhaps a coach thinks about it when signing him because of the wear and tear he generates ,” he adds.

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