The Tug-of-War Between eClinicalWorks vs Centricity – Two Promising EMR Systems!

This article compares two EMR industry titans: eClinicalWorks EMR vs. Centricity EMR, to guide you in determining which is best for your practice. When deciding on EMR software for your health practitioners, the realistic answer is that there’s no ideal answer for each clinic. So, we recommend outlining the clinical goals you hope to achieve with these kinds of EMR/EHR systems.

We’ve provided an overview of two EMR systems, eClinicalWorks EMR vs. Centricity EMR, to help you make your final call.

eClinicalWorks EMR & Its Overview:

Professionals can use eClinicalWorks EMR to learn a lot about their patients’ ability to stick to treatment programs, medical management and productivity, telemedicine, and personalized messaging campaigns.

The advantages of utilizing eClinicalWorks as an EMR include compliance with industry regulations, market analysis, and configurable reporting choices. Its cutting-edge technologies, such as the Patient Hub, might be used to construct a patient’s medical files, providing doctors with easy accessibility to any relevant data.

Because of its market value and acceptance by competent authorities, the eClinicalWorks EMR software is used by over a million clinicians in the United States and half a million internationally. As a result, it has become the norm for people with unique health demands.

This is a feasible cost-cutting option that medical facilities should examine. The cornerstone of eClinicalWorks EMR is a special service that primarily serves the needs of physicians. Effective management plans take into account a wider variety of elements, such as the healthcare staff’s expertise and skills, the availability of sufficient resources, and the scope of available medical specializations.

Centricity EMR & Its Overview:

Several EMR/EHR system specialists and professionals migrated to the Centricity EMR to give your patients the highest-quality service. This system contains a variety of useful functionalities and tools. Centricity EMR provides a wholly automated medical record suite of products. The efficiency and output of your facility will improve eventually.

The Centricity EMR is a cutting-edge EMR system with various reporting options that prioritize user care and allow clinicians to compare their present health status to that of their colleagues across the country. Centricity EMR enables hospitals to perform salary inquiries and yearly employee assessments.

Its usage could assist a wide range of medical disciplines, such as but not confined to cardiologists, electrophysiologists, and others. According to GE Healthcare, the Centricity EMR allows customers to consolidate with many highly rated healthcare centers and specialists. The patient portal features an intuitive way to check their lab tests, schedule a consultation, get a refill, and view their general ledger with the physician or nurse.

eClinicalWorks vs Centricity EMR Perks:

eClinicalWorks EMR and Centricity EMR have their perks and some missing points. Comparing their perks might help you access which system matches most of your clinical needs.

eClinicalWorks EMR Perks:

  • Through eClinicalWorks EMR self-service advancements like SMS and virtual discussions, patients are able to participate in treatment planning actively and express their thoughts and problems. eClinicalWorks EMR allows patients to share their health information outside of traditional office visits.
  • The eClinicalWorks Patient Portal allows for two-way communication between patients and healthcare providers. The ability to fully automate patient independence for scheduling is frequently cited as a positive feature in eClinicalWorks reviews.
  • Despite the well-known benefits, not all EMR systems currently provide telemedicine technology. eClinicalWorks electronic medical record facilitates remote patient communication. The healthcare practice would function much more efficiently if those affected by any concern like a pandemic were able to have online counseling sessions with their physician.
  • eClinicalWorks EMR makes it easy to create, integrate, and maintain patient charts, which shortens the time spent on chart management. eClinicalWorks EMR has the potential to perform the task sooner and in accordance with accepted standards thanks to this efficient and effort-saving feature.

Centricity EMR Perk:

  • Electronic medical records, such as Centricity’s, have received a lot of praise for helping doctors save time and increase productivity by making it more straightforward to create and implement their distinctive capabilities for handling patient information. The team will then be free to concentrate on longer-term goals, such as improving its customer service system.
  • Analysts can evaluate patient trends by using the reporting system as a standard against which to compare the efficiency of various medical facilities.
  • Because of its built-in handwriting scanner and speech recognition tools, the Centricity EMR streamlines the process of visualizing data. Centricity Software’s adaptability means it may be modified to meet the specific requirements of your clinic, making it possible to use ordinary language rather than cumbersome jargon.
  • Electronic prescribing allows physicians to notify pharmacies when patients need renewals and, based on the patient’s condition, can also highlight any pharmacological interactions. E-prescriptions are a popular feature of Centricity since they allow users to avoid unnecessary hospital visits for refills. Prescriptions can be tracked more efficiently, and the risk of adverse drug interactions is reduced, thanks to Centricity.

eClinicalWorks vs Centricity EMR Reviews:

Based on their reviews, getting to know a system is a good way ahead of knowing how its users perceive them. So, here are the eClinicalWorks EMR reviews and Centricity EMR reviews.

eClinicalWorks EMR Reviews:

It’s been brought to our attention that a search patient or tool function is frequently cited as a must-have in the eClinicalWorks reviews. Many professionals agree that using it is simple. Moreover, many customers laud its easy-to-navigate charting features. On the other hand, many customers like its scheduling options, claim administration functions, and payment portals.

Missing Points:

  • E-prescribing has a few inconsequential bugs
  • Its maintenance checks can be challenging to track down at times.
  • Wait times in the ticket system for customer support could be longer than desired, which needs to be improved.

Centricity EMR Reviews:

According to a survey of over 200 reviews of the product’s performance on reputable software user reviews, most users tend to agree with this assessment. According to Centricity EMR reviews, the program makes it simple to keep tabs on patients, arrange appointments, and reach out to communities. Electronic prescription and the program’s portability are particularly appreciated by users, although the other features are also lauded.

Missing Point:

  • Sometimes the system slows down with a bundle of tools in use. You have to restart it. There is a need to look into this con of the system.
  • The learning curve might take some time for this system.

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Ending Note:

eClinicalWorks demo and Centricity are free of charge through Software Finder and other providers. You can contact any vendor if you need professional guidance in selecting an EMR/EHR system or want to compare prices for any system. However, Software Finder, relied on by hundreds of satisfied customers and has a stellar reputation, offers EMR/EHR advice to help you choose the best software for your practice. Still, you get to decide on the electronic medical record/health record system you want to use.

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