These are 12 platforms to download electronic books for free and legally

Electronic books or e-books have become an increasingly popular reading format; the possibility of having hundreds of titles on a single device is a desirable option for many readers since practically any new book already has a digital version and one on paper.

A positive aspect of this book format is that since they are digital, they do not have to be printed, eliminating all expenses related to the title’s design. Hence, finding different works to download for free on the Internet makes sense.

The most normal thing is to find the great classics of Shakespeare or Cervantes, but we can also find more modern books in the public domain offered by the authors or their publishers. Today we bring you 12 platforms where you will legally find free electronic books.

1. Project Gutenberg

This is probably the oldest e-book page since it was founded in 1971. Today it has over 60,000 works in several languages, which you can download freely without registering or anything similar in any of the formats you prefer for the device you read.

2. eBiblio

This is a free public e-book lending service promoted by the Ministry of Culture. This is offered throughout Spain, except for Catalonia and the Basque Country, which have regional services.

This portal has more than 31,000 different titles, and to access them, you will need an active card from a library that participates in this project. Still, it has the drawback that the loan only lasts 21 days and has a finite number of versions, so you may have to wait for the book you are looking for to be available.

3. Alexandria

This website is one of the most popular regarding free e-books, even though its library is not the largest of all. This website has around 1,500 free books published by the platform and is in the public domain.

Above all, this page offers classic titles of universal literature, but it also has more modern works.

4. Google Books

Google’s free library could not be missing; the browser offers many services, so it is not surprising that it has a specific section for downloading electronic books.

We can find almost any title in it, which is considered the most extensive digital library in the world.

5. Amazon Kindle

To the surprise of many, one of the largest ecommerce portals in the world not only sells but also gives away electronic books; you have to enter the platform and write “free books.”

It has a relatively extensive free library. However, the vast majority of these books can only be downloaded in Kindle format, Amazon’s e-book, so if you don’t have one, it’s better to try another page.

6. Hispanic Digital Library

Continuing with the line of works digitization projects in Spain, the Hispanic Digital Library has more than 1,000 classic works with their original binding ready so that you can download them in PDF free of charge with one click.

7. Wikisource

From the same creators of Wikipedia, we find Wikisource a very similar concept but focused on the free distribution of books and translations in multiple languages. We can find more than 118,000 different titles only in Spanish.

The page has enabled the possibility of searching the different works by author, title, genre, period, or country and even has an option to recommend a random book if you are undecided.

8. YourBooks

Digitized classics are easier to find for free online than more contemporary titles, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t there. A good option with newer works and authors is TusLibros, which has more than 5,000 books that you can search through its categories or even its search bar to find something more specific.

9. PDF Books

As its name indicates, this option is specific for downloading books in PDF, it does not have another format, but with this, you make sure that it can be read on any electronic device.

It is not the website with the most titles, but it can be a good option and alternative if you cannot find the title you were looking for on other sites.

10. ePubLibre

Another ct option could be ePubLibre, which has more than 34,000 books and adds new titles evweeklyYou must register. Still, it’s worth it since, apart from being all free, it has forums and comments from other users so you can read their impressions and experience.

11. Open Libra

In this case, this website is not focused on offering both entertainment books and books focused on learning. It is focused on technical books; on the web, you can find thousands of titles on different subjects such as programming, software, languages, web development, or marketing, among many other options-

12. European

Europeana is a service promoted by the European Union that aims to offer the entire cultural legacy of our continent free of charge. This way, you have more than 22 million texts written in different languages ​​and dealing with historical, architectural, music or art topics to connect with the European cultural legacy.

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