This is All That She Loves, the swimwear brand that is sweeping Gran Canaria Swim Week

On the catwalk of Gran Canaria Swim Week by Moda Cálida, many renowned swimwear brands parade along with some lesser-known ones claiming their place, but there is always one that fills the sitting with applause: All That She Loves. Why is that?

This year we have decided to discover the reasons by interviewing the creator of this marine dream that smells of business success with summer reminiscences and sunny international conquest. Clara Esteve is a woman with an impressive background in swimwear, business acumen, a sustainable vocation, and a dream that she may soon be able to fulfill: to conquer Galeries Lafayette in Paris.

In your beginnings, you worked 15 years in TCN; what would you highlight from that time?

TCN was my professional school; thanks to all the time I was in the brand, I have had great opportunitie; II have been able to meet professionals in the sector and learn a lot about textiles. I was able to learn the entire process of developing a garment from start to finish, and I think that today, in such a digital world, I was lucky to have that learning.

In 2017 you embarked on the adventure of creating a brand alone; how do you remember the beginnings? What was the biggest challenge you encountered?

I remember the beginning when I was very motivated and enthusiastic about putting into practice everything I had learned during more than 16 years in the sector but from my point of view and criteria. The biggest challenges were financing and finding a team of workshops and manufacturers of their own who wanted to be part of a project from the beginning because when starting from scratch, they did not have a huge number of garments.

Sustainability has always been one of the pillars of the brand; how do you think this aspect has evolved in Spain?

I think it continues to evolve and is still on the rise; there is more and more aware that this is the way to go, and although there is still a lot to do, more and more clients buy and consume sustainable brands.

How do you apply sustainability to your business model?

We manufacture in local and proximity workshops, with small teams with decent working conditions and using organic and recycled materials. We study less polluting processes that save the maximum possible resources every season with our collaborators.

Can you reveal any sustainable goals you have in the long term?

Our essence and DNA is garment dyeing, which is why we try to make dyeing processes as sustainable as possible; there is still a long way to go in this area, and better processes must be achieved. And by that, I mean using less water and energy (electricity or gas) to make them environmentally and economically profitable. This would be one of our main objectives.

What does it mean for All That She Loves to parade on the Gran Canaria Swim Week catwalk?

An opportunity! Make ourselves known in the islands and present our Swimwear collection on the Moda Cálida catwalk, the reference bathroom catwalk in Europe.

Could you describe the collection you are going to present?

The new collection for Spring/Summer 2023 emerges from a pool without water: A substantial blue submarine sailing across the lawn of a garden on the Costa Brava.”Blue Submarine” is a happy collection that exudes joy and humor. It is vibrant like its colors, sparkling like its tie-dyes. The shapes are modern and take care of the cut of the patterns with the same rigor as a corsetry garment. Culottes y bandeaux They share a rack with TriQuint, triangle bikinis, or asymmetrical swimsuits.

For the beach, they are combined with cambric camisoles, with long skirts and tulle tops, or with sarong skirts and organic cotton t-shirts. The fun sweatshirts and jumpsuits in cotton fleece or the maxi dresses are perfect pieces to dress in fashion for the summer.

How has the pandemic affected All That She Loves clients? And to the consumption of swimwear in general?

In general, most multi-brand clients with physical stores have activated their web stores if they did not already have them or have enhanced them. They have turned to social networks and have reinvented themselves!

The first three months were hard, and it affected them firmly and negatively; it was not easy, but I think that all of them have been able to advance today, and they were courageous. I think that the collections least affected by the pandemic have been bathroom collections because, in the end, summers are moments of leisure and vacation;,, and  n general, our clients have continued to consume the product. Another thing is the winter collections; the situation has been very different here.

Are you going to bet on the phygital approach by opening your store? If so, which cities and points of sale do you want to be in?

Our primary channel is the multi-brand ( wholesale ), where we have a national presence in 50 stores and an international presence in 5 stores. Online is the brand’s second channel. We want to continue betting on both physical and online channels.

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