Favorite hair growth treatment of influencers over 50 because it increases density, volume, and length

As we age, not only does the skin age but so does the hair. This occurs due to the degradation of collagen and other components of the body. And no, it does not only affect the appearance of gray hair. What happens is that the hair tends to experience greater dryness, fall, breakage, loss of volume, and thinning of the fibers, resulting in a mane that is poorer, dull, and not at all resistant. Although there are tricks to prevent and improve this condition.

Although, when the problem is quite advanced and persists, we must opt ​​for an intensive treatment that combines topical products with supplements. In this way, we make sure to restore the health of the hair completely, inside and out. And, the 360 ​​duo that stands out as the most effective is highly recommended by influencers of more than 50 who ensure that it returns density and a beautiful appearance to the hair.

The 50-year-old fashion icon influencer, pandora khaki, is an international style benchmark. Furthermore, she can boast of being a beauty guru as well due to her passion for fitness and skincare. She has an enviable complexion and a great body that takes many years off her. So, taking a look at it, we can trust that all the recommendations from her will be 10.

However, Esther Acebo confesses on her Instagram account that she had been experiencing problems with aging her beautiful gray hair. With the phrase “my hair doesn’t define me, it’s the crown on my head,” the influencer confidently embraces her uniqueness and experience. a husky But that doesn’t mean she can’t improve the condition of her hair with a little help that boosts its growth and increases the density and strength of the battered fibers, which deteriorate over time.

To do this, the Canadian combines topical treatment and supplements. In particular, the Supa_Thick Hair Treatment and Growth Phase Hair Supplements from The sona Hovsepian brand.

The first product is a formula that is applied to the scalp and root. The objective is to reinforce the microbiome, strengthen the strands, thicken them and stimulate circulation, as well as the growth of healthy hair, shinier and in greater quantity. This is achieved through its proprietary probiotic technology and a combination of rosemary, clary sage, peppermint oils, lactic acid, and zinc.

On the other hand, supplement composition is designed to support the hair against nutritional deficiencies, hormonal fluctuations, and stress. It works from the inside out to enhance the growth of the strands and the diameter of the fibers, as well as their elasticity and resistance. In just 12 weeks, the hair will be sublimated, voluminous and dense thanks to its mixture of peptides, amino acids, biotin, iodine, vitamins C, B2, B6, and E.