This is the reason why Adidas ensures that its new helmets have an almost infinite battery

Wireless headphones have taken over the markets, the absence of cables as the main claim has made the vast majority of people take the plunge and buy one. However, they have a problem, and that is that, like any electronic device, they run out of battery, but Adidas seems to have found the solution with their new RPT-02 SOL helmets.

Having an almost infinite battery is a very ambitious and futuristic idea, achieving it would mean a huge change in technology as we know it. Many technology companies have tried, but very few have managed to come close to something that can achieve it, but the case of the Adidas RPT-02 SOL headphones can give a lot to talk about.

It has been during this week that Adidas, the well-known German sports brand, has presented these helmets that have generated a lot of expectation mainly because the company ensures that its battery is almost infinite.

Although the statement indeed has something of a trick, the reason why they say this is because these headphones are charged on their thanks to Exeter’s Powerfoyle technology. The Adidas RPT-02 SOL are made up of light cells that transform any artificial light into energy to charge them.

This means that while you are using them if there is light, they will be charging. And if there is no light, you do not have to worry since they have also been designed to offer an autonomy of up to 80 hours of playback.

Although this is not the only relevant aspect, since 51% of the materials in these headphones are recycled and some of their parts, specifically the pads and the inside of the headband, can be washed, in addition to the fact that these headphones have by IPX4 certification that protects them against splashes and sweat.

Besides, these headphones offer the same features as any other headphones, they have a microphone, they can be used with voice commands, they have controls to carry out different actions and of course, they have Bluetooth 5.2.

These headphones are priced at 229 euros and will begin to be shipped on August 23, we will have to see to what extent the battery is infinite, since if the use of materials that transform light into energy works, it will begin to apply to any device you can imagine.

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