This is the trick to make Instagram show you the posts of your friends first

Instagram has become a social network, which instead of being aware of what your friends, family, and close people are doing, you know more about what is happening to the influencer on duty. This isn’t entirely your fault, as the app’s algorithm works that way, but there is something you can do to make your friends’ posts beat others.


In recent weeks, Instagram has come under fire for becoming more and more like TikTok. Users have seen how the platform that was initially focused on photos and connecting with your loved ones has become an app full of short videos and unknown people.

In recent weeks, the company has suffered numerous criticisms and even carried out a road campaign with the slogan “Make Instagram, Instagram again” promoted by the Kardashians sisters, which made the app back down in its attempts to reconvert.

Even so, this platform is still full of recommendations and viral accounts. But that does not mean that there is some trick to returning to something that is more like what Instagram was, before the “boom” of influencers and trends.

How to see my friends’ content first

Social networks started to connect with friends and family, but today these platforms are increasingly far from this. However, and despite the recent changes that the company has made, there is still a trick to always seeing the content of the people who matter to you first.

This tool is called Favorites, and as its name indicates, it is used to point out the accounts that you like, interested, or attract the most for whatever reason. Activating it is very simple, you just have to open the Instagram app and in the upper right part of the app, click on the word Instagram.

Next, two options will appear: Following and Favorites, the one that interests us is the second. Once inside Favorites, all we have to do is add the accounts of our friends or people that we want to appear first.

Once this is done, we close, and the next time we open the app we will find that the first posts that jump out to us are those of these people who are in our favorites (if they have published something). And this is how you can make your Instagram go back in time, and recommend the content of acquaintances before the viral content.

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