Expert Tips to Ensure Interactivity During Your Live Webinar

The webinar is more than hosting a meeting online. This particular platform has revolutionized online happenings around the world.

While an online meeting tool is basically used for video conferencing & social group discussions, webinar platforms tend to cater to small groups of participants with the ability to communicate equally from each location.

A webinar enables you to deliver your content or information to a larger group of people sitting at remote locations. Instead of logging in, the audience quickly signs up on your landing page in advance to hear more from you about a specific topic.

In this blog, we are going to discuss live webinars, tips to engage your audience during the live sessions, and the importance of interaction during live webinar sessions.

What is a Live Webinar?

As its name suggests live webinars are events in real time. Examples of these types of webinars include – classroom sessions, discussions, interviews, etc.

Many online webinar service providers offer tons of customizable options to choose from and host a successful session. Since everything is happening live in these sessions, they are one of the most entertaining & interactive ways to connect with the remote audience.

This is a two interaction as the audience can also interact with the experts by asking different questions, polling, chatting, and much more. These events can make hosts more relatable with their presentation and content.

Presenters can easily set up their presentations in real-time and give answers to the questions of the audience. With the help of these webinar services, audiences tend to feel more connected and attached to the presenters of the webinar.

Top 5 Facts About Interactive Webinars

Interaction is two-way communication between the audience and the host, which ensures the quality delivery of the content & works as a good marketing strategy for businesses. Here are some of the facts about interactive webinar sessions –

Webinars are all about B2B businesses.

In recent research, most of the hosts of the webinar B2B sessions interact with their targeted audience. These seminars target the company’s CEO, marketing managers, etc. for their business growth.

These webinars are customer oriented so that individuals can easily access different social media platforms.

Web Seminars in Trend Now

Since the onset of the pandemic, there has been a hike in the graph of demand for web seminars. There are many online webinar platforms that provide all the necessary tools required for hosting a successful webinar session.

No. of Registration vs. Attendance Count

It is interesting to know that most of the attendees just registered themselves and didn’t show up at the event. The rest of them will attend the on-demand webinar sessions or may not attend any of the above-mentioned.

Top 10 Steps on How To Make a Webinar More Interactive in 2023

Hosting interactive webinar sessions is not an easy task as it requires lots of planning & hard work in order to draw the audience’s attention. With the help of online webinar services, it becomes quite easy to manage all the aspects in one go!

Below are some of the valuable steps or tips to make your webinar more engaging –

Technical Checkups before the Live Webinar Session

  • Have a check on the camera equipment, camera angles, working of the webcam, and many other technicalities before actually going live for the session.
  • It is very important to have technical aspects cross-checked to ensure a better flow of the content with ease.

Be Unique

  • Presenting yourself in a different way is the most engaging part of your webinar’s success. Using brief videos throughout the session makes the session more interactive and lively.
  • Interaction with your audience with the help of polls, live questionnaires, chats, etc. is something you can do for the success of your live webinar session.

Divide your webinar into small sessions.

  • With the help of some of the popular webinar platforms, the job has become quite easy for marketers to ensure the feasibility of the webinar session.
  • You can easily go with different webinar themes and decide which one suits your event. Try to set up a show for the entire session. The use of bullet points and small, and small short descriptive videos are some of the ideas to explore.

Responding to Feedback

  • You can easily conduct a poll to get responses and feedback about the session from the audience. You will be impressed with the quality of the content, session engagement, improvisation areas, and much more.
  • Try to make your survey brief so that anyone can easily respond to your feedback queries.

Use Polls

  • Using polling as a medium to clear doubts & queries of your targeted audience is a more structured approach for better engagement with them.
  • Polls are well distributed throughout the whole session so that participants do not lose interest.

The collecting of information before the session

  • Gathering all the required information about the session, the choice of the audience and valuable insights before the start of the session will help you deal better with your target audience.
  • Some of the interactive webinar platforms provide valuable information regarding the data and metrics for making the presentation you are hosting an easy and effective tool to grab the audience’s attention.

Actively answer the questions

  • Answering the questions is one of the most obvious ways to ensure the audience that you are actively engaging with them while hosting the live webinar session.
  • This will surely make your audience realize that they also have the chance to influence the content and get answers to their questions. This will make your webinar a memorable one rather than just a boring video presentation.

Invite Industry Experts

  • If your organization hosts webinars on a regular basis, it is very beneficial to invite industry experts related to your topic.
  • The live webinar software allows you to customize your templates and use their features like – chat options, WhatsApp automation, and much more.

Delivering Tremendous Value

  • If done according to your plan, interactive webinar sessions can easily keep audiences engaged for long hours, which pre-recorded videos thus fail to achieve.

Engaging Your Audience

  • Audience engagement is the driving force for any webinar host to make it more effective and customizable according to the requirements and feedback are given by the audience.
  • When it comes to audience engagement, choosing one of the best webinar platforms is a must-have thing on the organizers’ minds. Activities like – polling, sharing of audio & visuals, informative content, and much more require good service providers who ultimately work in the direction of your business growth.


Whether you make small changes in your sessions like – quizzes, polling, etc., you are on the right track to making your webinar a successful event.

One should work on creative ideas to actively interact with the audience and make the best use of these online webinar services.

Feel free to expand your approach & try to widen your audience reach for a greater impact on the targeted ones with business growth simultaneously.

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