Top Communities to Rent Properties in Abu Dhabi

Rent Properties – Would you like to lead a luxurious lifestyle in a secure and modern environment in one of the epic Emirati cities? If yes, Abu Dhabi is the destination. While Dubai is famous for its breathtaking sights, Abu Dhabi has brought economic stability to the country. There’s a plethora of options regarding property for rent in Abu Dhabi. So you won’t have a hard time finding one. If you’re a newbie wondering where to stay, here’s a handy guide for the best areas in Abu Dhabi.

  • Yas Island 

Locating 20 km east of Abu Dhabi Center, Yas Island is a dream come true for the ones wishing to live near sea shores. Here, you will have the best living experience and amenities like grocery stores, theme parks, and transportation routes. At Yas Island, you’re served with rental apartments, villas, and townhouses. So, it’s easy to choose as per your preferences and requirements. 

  • The Corniche Area 

The iconic community, Corniche Area, relies on the northwestern side of Abu Dhabi. Imagine waking up to dancing sea waves; the sounds are heavenly. Yet that’s precisely what the area brings to your table. It’s a dreamy yet practical lifestyle with all the basic amenities within easy reach. While mornings are all about fascinating over the seashores, the evening might call you to grab a coffee with your buddies. If you’re a bachelor, rent a studio apartment, as it’s easy to set up.

  • Madinat Zayed 

Present in central Abu Dhabi, Madinat Zayed is a mixed-use community. With its ideal location, the city is well-connected to major roadways like Sultan Bin Zayed and Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Street. It makes it more appealing to those finding an affordable rental property. In addition, all the lifestyle amenities are available a few meters away, so you need not stress when having uninvited guests over. 

  • Saadiyat Island 

Nestling between Zayed Port and Al Jubail Island, Saadiyat Island will remind you of the Emirati culture with annual events and architectural wonders. There’s also a bus stop nearby, so you can easily wander around various parts of the city. That’s why the area is ideal for those seeking a rental property. Since most tenants don’t have private transport, the bus service increases their convenience. 

  • Al Wahdah 

Ranking fifth for areas with the cheapest apartments in Abu Dhabi, Al Wahdah is known for its prestigious Al Wahdah Sports Club and Al Nahyan Stadium. It’s mainly a residential area with flats and only a few villas. Despite being equipped with swimming pools and fitness centers, families often prefer it for its proximity to schools. Regarding entertainment, the area is a shopper’s paradise with a range of dining and leisure options.

Ending Thoughts 

With that, we’ll conclude our guide for some of the best areas to rent properties in Abu Dhabi. The cart still has reasonable housing options for you. However, the communities mentioned above are the most sought-after areas recently. Hopefully, they’ll come in handy whenever you search for a rental house in Emirate’s capital.


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