Top Things to Do in Hyderabad in 2022

Hyderabad is a city that competes to be the nation’s tech hub while also having royal blood cruising through it. Modernity and history coexist together in the metropolis. The royal tombs and palaces, as well as the mouthwatering cuisine, makes it a delightful treat for visitors worldwide. The most incredible way to experience a city is on your own terms, with pit stops (for the biryani) and fun road trips on a car on rent in Hyderabad.

Hyderabad, often known as the “City of the Nizams,” is a well-known Indian city with a profound history and rich culture. The city also amazes everyone with a perfect fusion of breathtaking palaces, magnificent monuments, mosques, forts, tranquil lakes, colorful streets, and more, most of which is owed to the historical Nizam culture. Along with its grandeur and splendor, the “City of Nizams” is renowned for its delectable cuisine and historical origins, which conjure up images of a bygone age. To find out more about the best things to do in Hyderabad, continue reading this blog.

Adventures in Hyderabad

Shooting and Go karting: Engage in one of the most well-known adventure sports to release your inner racer. For a large group of pals, this adventure sport is ideal because you may race and compete against one another. And because Runway 9 and Shamshabad have the best track, they are the ideal places to go karting.

At one of the many shooting ranges the city has to offer, let your adventurous side run wild. You can shoot at targets with this adventurous activity, which is pretty cheaply priced, and experience an unparalleled rush.

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Zip-lining:  Take a zip line ride high in the air for an adventure experience unlike any other. You get to sprint across from one location to the next while still being attached to a cable during this adventure sport. The entire journey offers a breathtaking aerial perspective unlike any other and will surely satiate your need for adventure. Zip-lining may be enjoyed at the Great Hyderabad Adventure Club and Palm Exotica Boutique Resort in the city.

 Best Hangout Places in Hyderabad


Visit the well-known Chowmahalla Palace: The 200-year-old Chowmahalla Palace, close to Charminar, boasts stunning architecture and a glorious past. It houses Nizam’s impressive collection of antique photographs, artifacts, and vintage autos.

Visit the renowned Charminar: Charminar is a magnificent four-story structure with a stunning mosque on the top level that was constructed more than 400 years ago in the traditional Islamic style. People are in awe of Charminar’s natural beauty.

The Nehru Centenary Tribal Museum is one of the destinations that unites all the inhabitants of the city by showcasing the magnificence of various traditions, cultures, customs, and lifestyles of the various regional tribes of Andhra Pradesh.

Places to visit with friends in Hyderabad

Osman Sagar Lake: Popularly referred to as Gandipet, this serene lake bears the name of Hyderabad’s Nizam. This lake is perfect for boating and taking in a gorgeous sunset due to its stunning natural beauty and the terrain it is surrounded by.

Rachakonda Fort is one of the top tourist destinations close to the city because of its magnificent two-story construction, stone pillars, medieval Hindu architecture, and breathtaking views of the valleys.

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The second-largest city in Andhra Pradesh, Vijayawada, strikes the ideal balance between a modern approach and culture, legacy, and history. You can reserve a rental car in Vijayawada and go about this lovely city.

Things to do in Hyderabad at Night

Here are some nightlife fun activities in Hyderabad that will make your evenings and nights memorable if you want to spend time with your friends or family.

The greatest way to enjoy your nights in Hyderabad is to go to the Golkonda Fort and watch a music and light show every night. The light and sound show reminds you about the fort’s glorious past while being narrated by well-known Indian celebrity Amitabh Bachchan and including a background theme by Jagjit Singh.

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Spend a night singing at 10 Downing Street: This popular hangout is a must-visit with your pals for a fun-filled Karaoke night with some exquisite meals and your favorite drinks thanks to its opulent interiors and laid-back atmosphere.

View the breathtaking night sky at the Charminar: To experience the beautiful Charminar in all its splendor, go there late at night when you may spend some time quietly taking in the city lights.

Offbeat activities in Hyderabad

Watch a movie on an IMAX screen: While you might always imagine a movie theater when you hear the phrase “Big Screen,” the same is not true for the people who live here. A “Big Screen” in this context refers to an enormous IMAX screen where you can see movies like never before.

Visit the deer park: The deer park is a unique but great spot to see in Hyderabad. Travelers looking to learn more about animal species will find this website to be a paradise. Deer Park, next to Vanasthalipuram, is home to plenty of beautiful vegetation and wildlife like cheetahs, back bucks, and boars.

Enjoy a dosa in the morning at Ram Ki Bandi: Fans of South Indian cuisine will love the renowned Mozamjahi Market. Ram Ki Bandi, one of the best places to taste mouthwatering dosas, is located in this bustling market and opens even before dawn!

Plan a road trip to Hyderabad with Avis India

Government and private buses that travel to neighboring states are part of Hyderabad’s seamless transportation system. To get to the city by road, you can avail the private or shared cab services or book a chauffeur-driven car through a car rental in Hyderabad like Avis.

Whether it’s the young and energetic folks, the fast-paced lifestyle, the ancient customs, the contemporary culture, or the historical sites, Hyderabad has something for everyone. What are you waiting for? Book a chauffeur-driven premium SUV or self-drive a car in Hyderabad right away on for a trip filled with adventure.


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