Tricks to make the mobile battery last longer

Mobile battery – Everyone uses their smartphone daily. Some to have fun, others to work and some that combine these two uses. Using the mobile is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity, hence the battery of our smartphone is something to take into account.

How long gone are the days when a phone battery lasted a week. At that time there was no Android, Twitter, WhatsApp and the entire smartphone ecosystem. Our phones were bricks that called and received messages. Nothing more.

Now these have huge OLED screens, 3GHz octa-core processor along with 12GB of RAM, antennas with 5G connection, NFC, GPS, etc. With all this it is logical that our smartphone does not reach 10 hours of screen time. Not even using the mobile phone little does it reach two days of autonomy.

For all this, there are a thousand valid ways and tips to extend the battery of our mobile phone. We even have a perfect tutorial for those who want to go a step further. For those who want quick tips better stay here.

If you want your mobile phone to last much longer on and you don’t want to make too many sacrifices, the OCU has its own advice that we present here right now. We go with them:

Tricks to make the mobile battery last longer

  • Close the applications. Even if you don’t have any apps open on the home screen, there are apps that stay open and consume battery power. Go to Settings > Battery and see which apps are consuming the most battery and close them.
  • Reduce screen brightness . The screen is one of the elements that consumes the most battery. Put the brightness in automatic mode in a general way, so you will have the optimized brightness for each lighting situation. If your battery is low, it is recommended that you lower its brightness as much as possible.
  • Scheduled rest . Set a short time for the mobile to go to sleep and turn off the screen if it is not being used. In this way you will reduce the time that the screen is illuminated and, therefore, you will conserve more battery. 
  • Disconnect the connections that you are not going to use. For example, bluetooth, GPS, WiFi… even if you don’t anticipate any calls, you can disconnect mobile data. A quick way to do this is to put the phone into Airplane Mode, disconnecting all connections simultaneously. In addition, charging the mobile with Airplane Mode on speeds up the process.
  • Activate the energy saving mode. If you have less than 15% left, you better activate this phone’s own power saving mode. The functions that consume the most will be automatically disabled, leaving the fundamental ones active. 
  • Get a Power Bank. portable battery allows you to recharge your mobile while you carry it in your bag. There are many sizes depending on the load capacity. You will need them to be of a capacity somewhat higher than that of your mobile to ensure at least a full charge.

With all these tips, at the OCU they ensure that your battery will last much longer. Or, at least, that you will be able to leave and return home without running out of battery in the process. Remember that the phone is an indispensable tool for almost everyone. For your safety: don’t run out of battery.

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