Ukraine, leitmotif for fashion

Since the conflict broke out in Ukraine, on February 24, 2022, after the decision of the Russian Government to undertake the invasion of the Slavic country, in an exercise of national vindication of Ukraine, its symbols and colors have come to occupy a more than recurring within the fashion scene. A position to which firms of the stature of Balenciaga or the disruptive DressX —specialized in the molding of virtual designs— have not hesitated to elevate them, the main bastions of a long list to which the emerging Ukrainian fashion firm Chuyko has just joined.

Founded in 2013 by the pair of twin brothers Oleksandr and Sergii Chuyko, and has managed over the last few years to position itself as one of the country’s emerging fashion brands that have aroused greater interest, both inside and outside Ukrainian borders, earlier this year the Ukrainian fashion firm presented its latest fashion collection. A proposal based on the principles of timelessness, ethical production, and clothing made in proximity and from ecological materials, whose visibility ended up buried by the noise of war. A sum of tragic events that, like the rest of Ukrainian society, have also ended up affecting the development of this emerging brand that had already become a regular at the Ukrainian Fashion Week,

Some objectives which, serving as background to this action, different solidarity initiatives have been launched, such as the one announced recently by Balenciaga itself with the launch of a sweatshirt to benefit the humanitarian and reconstruction work of the country that they manage from the “United24” platform —promoted by the president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy—, or the one undertaken by the organization of his Fashion Week. A contest that, facing this year of 2022, has managed to guarantee, facing the effects of the war, the display of fashion proposals, and the enormous talent that Ukrainian designers treasure, through the signing of a sum of agreements with catwalks in Europe and the United States, such as the Malta Fashion Week, the Budapest Central European Fashion Week,

This series of contests “have already supported us”, declared the organization of the Ukrainian Fashion Week in a statement. A support that will continue throughout these coming months, in the form of “unprecedented international support”, which “will allow more than 20 Ukrainian designers to present their collections throughout September and October 2022 ”.

A capsule dedicated to the brotherhood of and with the people of Ukraine

As a prelude to this renewed boost to Ukrainian fashion that the international scene will once again offer over the next few months that will mark the opening of the new fashion calendar, after the summer period, is how we find this capsule collection of the Chuyko brothers. The proposal from which they influence and seek to value precisely that support and that unity that is uniting all those who are supporting and helping the Ukrainian people in these turbulent times, regardless of where they are and how they try to contribute to alleviate or give visibility to the conflict.

As far as design is concerned more precisely, the collection is made up of a succession of knitwear decorated with symbols and motifs in the form of hands that join them or ropes, with which the connecting thread between the people of Ukraine and those who are supporting them. Some pieces that can be purchased by contacting the firm through the channels to which they point both from their different official accounts on Facebook and Instagram, as well as from the platform specialized in emerging brands “Not Just A Label”, and all of them built on a vibrant color palette composed solely of shades that drink from the iconography of Ukraine, its coat of arms, its flag and its national colors. A chromatic spectrum that arrives to highlight once again,

“The main element of the collection”, launched by the brand as a “dedicated capsule” at the beginning of the “unity”, is nothing but “a knitted sweater, which represents the arms that hold each other firmly, closing an unbreakable bond between the people”, they explain to us from Chuyko herself through a statement. It is a kind of “symbol of consanguinity between all those who are supporting each other even from a distance, among those who offer their help to Ukrainians in exile, among those who help with their words and actions, physically and morals”. “The whole world is ready to extend its hands to Ukraine, and we gratefully accept these friendly hands.” “Right now it is really important to show how the different spheres” of society “do not stay aside,

Starting from this premise, the designers have wanted through this capsule to launch the message that “clothes can speak”, they add from Chuyko. “The pieces of this new line send the message to the world that war is taking place, and that people, more than ever before, need each other to give each other more affection, affection, hugs and to surround themselves with a positive spirit. ”. And in that goal, “Ukrainian people linked to the field of art”, they add, “still have enough strength and influence to remember out loud that we continue to fight, unite, and that we will win”.

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