Power tools like petrol pressure washers have become essential for industrial and domestic use. These power tools infuse water with high pressure, turning it into a powerful cleaning force that is used for everything. The type of nozzle a pressure washer uses determines the sort of water jet it produces. While some water jets are powerful enough to remove paint from a surface, others are best for cleaning up dirt and grime. As powerful devices, petrol pressure washer selection should be according to your needs and expertise.

You must take your needs into account before selecting a pressure washer. When you have a pressure washer, what will you do with it? Will you be cleaning cars and boats as well? Or would you be sweeping the driveway and front of your house? You must be certain of the pressure washer’s intended use to choose one with the appropriate nozzles and attachments. Nobody wants to buy a washer that is either too powerful or weak for the task. Once you’ve determined what works and what doesn’t, you can choose a petrol pressure washer. There are three main factors that Jetwave always remembers about a petrol pressure washer. There are also some other less important factors.


Petrol Pressure

Your primary concern when purchasing a petrol pressure washer should be the engine’s horsepower (HP) rating. The engine determines the volume and pressure of the machine.

Some inexpensive pressure washers have higher pressure while maintaining the same HP rating. The pressure rating should match the HP.

Carefully check HP, PSI, and GPM (gallons per minute) of your pressure washer. For routine washing tasks, domestic pressure washers should have 5 HP. However, if washing automobiles is the intended use, a pressure washer with less power would perform just well.

Depending on the work needed, professional users should go for a pressure washer with at least 6.5HP. However, some individuals favor the 13 HP commercial pressure washers, which people in workshops and manufacturing facilities.


GPM, or gallons per minute, is a unit of measurement for the volume that a pressure washer produces. This part determines how much water the machine can produce per minute. Along with the PSI rating, the GPM is one of the finest measures of a petrol pressure washer’s efficiency. Jetwave always remembers this factor while their manufacturing.


PSI, or pounds per square inch, is a unit of pressure measurement. PSI is the least significant of the three factors when buying a pressure washer. However, PSI is still a crucial indicator of the working of a petrol pressure washer.

Multiplying PSI and GPM is one of the ways to assess the cleaning effectiveness of a petrol pressure washer. The sum of those two measures represents the pressure washer’s efficacy. When you combine it with the HP, you can determine how much power a machine has.


The majority of low-cost, low-quality pressure washers get their pumps from nearby industries. Ask the maker of the pressure washer if the pump is made in-house or if it is outsourced to a different provider when making your selection. However, choosing a pressure washer from Jetwave is your best option.

You might think buying a cheap hot wheels cars will save you money, but a more expensive machine will operate better, and last longer. It also has easier access to spare parts. Do not neglect to inspect the pump’s components as well. A high-quality pump will have brass heads, ceramic plungers, and thermal relief valves, among other characteristics.

Horizontal or Vertical Shaft

A little-known but crucial factor to remember is the engine shaft’s orientation. Vertical shafts typically cost less and have a shorter lifespan, while horizontal ones are more expensive but more dependable. Select a pressure washer from Jetwave with a horizontal shaft if you want it to last long.

Final Note

Jetwave group offers top-notch petrol pressure washers for purchases. Our selection of high-performance Jetwave Petrol Pressure Washers is ideal for cleaning farm equipment, heavy equipment, and commercial vehicles. It also cleans skips, wheelie bins, terraces, porches, patios, swimming pools, driveways, patios, windows, and more. They are also perfect for the toughest power-washing jobs. Due to the Jetwave’s gasoline engines that power them,  you can operate our petrol pressure washers everywhere. For a portable pressure washer, they offer an open frame body that benefits from high airflow, a bar grip, and sturdy back wheels. Jetwave’s power pressure washers clean domestically and commercially your car, patio, home, or driveway, depending on your cleaning needs.

Our pressure washers come in many flow rates, from high-pressure jet washers to lesser flow, to handle many cleaning duties. Shop for petrol power washers from the authorized Jetwave group in South Australia.


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