What Are the Most Popular Wedding Ring Styles?

Black and Rose Gold men’s wedding band Some people attach more importance to an engagement ring. As a matter of fact, a wedding ring is equally important as an engagement ring. While looking for an engagement ring, you might want a piece of jewelry adorned by sparkling gemstones, which would add to the glow of the rings your fiancé has been wearing, or you might want a ring that stands out on its own.

Classic Ring Band without Gemstones

A classic ring band without gemstones is often crafted with platinum, 18K gold, 14K white gold, or rose gold. Titanium and stainless steel are alternative choices. Platinum is the metal that is praised the most. We often hear this kind of comment regarding platinum. “Platinum is the most popular choice for a classic ring band design”. “Platinum is the shiniest metal; patina will develop on your platinum ring as time passes by. You can buff the ring to its original shine without losing the metal. Some people actually prefer to keep the patina”.

Which ring matches well with a platinum ring? A platinum ring looks great on its own or is stacked with other styles of rings.

A platinum ring is ideal for whom? The bride who wears a gemstone ring (e.g. a diamond ring) always has to take precautions to take off the ring before she washes off, for she fears that water, cleansers, or body wash would cause damage to the prongs that hold the gemstone. A platinum ring would free the bride from such worries.

Pavé Diamond Band

In a pavé setting, the minimum amount of metal is used to hold small gemstones (generally diamonds) securely in place and so close together that the metal holding the stones is not visible from the surface. This band set matches well with a sparkling center stone. This ring design is ideal for the bride who prefers sparkling jewelry.

An Eternity Ring

An eternity ring is also known as an infinity ring, which features a continuous line of identically cut gemstones (generally diamonds) to symbolize ever-lasting love. Two popular settings for an eternity ring are prong setting and channel setting. In a prong setting, metal projections are used to hold a gemstone or gemstone securely in place.

The projections are visible from the surface. The projections or prongs which extend from the shank to hold gemstones allow the maximum amount of light to strike the gemstones and thus increase their brilliance. In a channel setting, two walls of metal, which extend from the shank, form a track that secures the gemstones. The merit of a channel setting is: the walls offer some protection for the gemstones.

In addition to the prong setting and channel setting, there are other eternity band settings for you to consider, for example, the bezel setting. A bezel setting provides more protection for gemstones than a prong setting. We often hear this kind of comment. “An eternity ring band is versatile. It matches well with all types of diamond cuts, from princess cut, marquise cut to baguette cut…”

An eternity ring is ideal for whom? An eternity ring is perfect for the bride who wants to wear their wedding ring alone. Here are some thoughts that people normally share. “You can wear an eternity ring with a 10 ct. gemstone”. “An eternity ring definitely makes an individualistic presentation of the wearer”.

Anniversary Ring

An eternity ring is traditionally gifted by a spouse to his wife as an anniversary ring. An eternity ring certainly looks great on its own. It also looks great to be stacked with other rings. But you have to make sure that these other rings have the same settings as your anniversary ring. An eternity ring as an anniversary gift is perfect for wives who like timeless design.


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