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Dad and Buried the Anti-Parent Parenting Blog – Millions of human evolution have made the relationship perfect and a unique bond, whose physical connection is reestablished outside the womb with the most intuitive and loving maternal act, that of breastfeeding.

However, another character present during the same evolutionary time, and also indispensable, does not assume -for obvious reasons- the tasks of nurturing the child, which does not mean that his role is less important or relevant.

More and more, vaccination rooms, playgrounds, parent meetings in schools, and even parties with Disney or Cartoon Network characters are more crowded with parents, who assume, without any complex, the public, notorious and touching task of accompanying, caring, for and guiding her little ones… even though it was another who brought him into the world and nursed him at her breast in his first months.


The father’s breast does not nurse but nourishes

The father figure is fundamental. The father will become as important as the mother, although the first strong attachment bond from gestation is that of the mother.

In the first weeks, it will be up to the mother to incorporate it, leaving space for the father to appear on the scene and co-star in the upbringing. In the beginning, for the child, it will be the same. Still, later, when the father agrees to be “approached,” space will be created for both. There, a special paternal connection will emerge, vital to develop the feeling of security essential for his self-esteem.


Dad and Buried the Anti-Parent Parenting Blog

And it is that the father also enjoys smelling and feeling his heart, following his heart rate or breathing, and even recreating his smiles and gestures in the expressions that he will imitate from him.

Parents love their children unconditionally, even if they do not breastfeed them. The affective reciprocity with the father will negatively or positively mark the child for his whole life. Such care must be taken by whoever responsibly assumes her paternity. He will culminate the creative work the mother began in an innocent creature that she will perfect into an excellent future man.


Dad and mom don’t compete; they complement each other

If the mother respects the father, the son will. Thus, it will become important in the life of the little one and a transmitter of her limits, values, ​​and orientation. She has to break the paradigm of the provider and authoritarian father to release this role, betting her body and soul.

Parents who are partners and counterparts of maternal overprotection will have a crucial influence on adolescence. His presence is felt in the word of the person who names him and in what is transmitted from that father when he is not there.

A father also transfers his history and dreams to his children, such as the soccer team, “to be a fighter like,” “to work hard like,”… His company is essential to learn to face the world little by little.

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