What is good company culture

Culture describes shared values, goals, and practices. Make your employees a part of a good company culture that has trust, fairness, innovation, and work-life balance.

Every employee craves a good company culture. Today’s candidates have their eyes on a company’s culture when they are looking for a job switch.  A smart candidate can detect a bad company’s culture from a mile away. Good company culture is such that reflects the organization and its people.

The survey from FlexJobs shows us that 25% of the employees quit their jobs within 6 months because of the toxic workplace environment. Having the understanding and implementation of a good culture can lead to high employee satisfaction levels. Therefore, organizations must work to make their culture strong by investing in their employees, if they want to get the best out of them.

In this article we have compiled information on what is good company culture and how it looks like with real examples.

Successful companies that make it happen through their culture

Following are the organizations and their unique cultural characteristics that make them stand out.

Publix Super Markets, Inc.’s focus is on making sure that they value and hear their employees all the time. They started an initiative called “Idea Spot”, where employees submit their ideas to its innovation team. They work on them and bring change.

American Express Company has an emphasis on the mental health of its employees at the workplace. They started the “Grief and Loss Support Program” to provide the employee with one-on-one counseling from professional therapists. They also developed a campaign “Here for You. Here for Each Other” to honor mental awareness Month.

Google’s culture makes its workplace exciting for its employees by offering them free lunch, health, massage, dry cleaning, gym, etc on the premises of the organization. They rely on data and make decisions accordingly. They are innovative, have open communication and their core values are well communicated.

Another great example is Efectio that helps in company culture automatization. Learn more on  Efectio company culture software that is especially helpful in the onboarding process.

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Making a good company culture

Following are some factors whose implementation will ensure good culture.

Equality and fairness

Equality and fairness refer to treating people as per their needs. Treating everyone the same encourages trust, respect, and responsibility. It is human nature to put fairness at the highest value. Organizations that provide fair opportunities to their employees promote a healthy working culture in the organization.

If a company wants a good culture, then its policies should be such which reflect fairness and equality regardless of its position or title. They should make decisions without taking advantage of others.

Trustworthy management

Untrustworthy management can destroy the perception of fairness. Employees working with great culture-oriented organizations have been relieved that they have trustworthy management.

The research conducted at 100 Best companies shows that 83% of the employees agree that their management actions match its words.

The following is the many benefits which any organization can achieve by implementing trust:

  • Employee retention
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Employees will be more likely to recommend their company to others.
  • Increase in Employee morale and motivation

Promotes innovation and creativity

Innovation and creativity are vital factors that lead to a successful organization. It results in impactful strategies and helps businesses survive. When companies make a safe environment for their employees to express their unique ideas it is more likely that it will have a positive impact on their culture.

It can be achieved by encouraging employees to think out of the box, conducting innovative workshops, providing constructive feedback, and multiple training to encourage them to think like entrepreneurs.

If a company focuses on individual growth, then its employees will invest their creative energy at work. Implementation of these factors will have an advantage in encouraging learning and understanding the value of risks.

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Foster a work-life balance

Being able to balance your personal and professional life is called work-life balance. It improves employee engagement, and well-being and lowers their stress level.

According to a Glassdoor survey, 87% of the employees want support in their work-life balance from their employers. Research has shown that employees, particularly working parents and millennials want flexibility in their jobs.

Therefore, organizations must create such policies where employees enjoy flexibility in their employment

Final thoughts

In conclusion, good company culture plays a huge role in shaping an organization toward its goals. Culture comes from top management. They play an important role in implementing and maintaining the culture across the organization.

The cultural values should be developed, made available to employees, and constant efforts must be considered to support the cultural values.

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