What Is The Densest Sugar?

What Is The Densest Sugar?

What Is The Densest Sugar?

Ambient moisture, temperature fluctuations and different elements can trade the houses of powders and make those houses exceed the mixer’s range. Ensure that your substances arrive on the mixer on spec to meet targeted homogeneity.

Mergers and acquisitions in the food, chemical, pharmaceutical and different industries frequently trigger the sale of manner system that may work perfectly but is suddenly deemed needless as product strains are trimmed and/or production capability is shifted amongst one-of-a-type centers. This took place in recent times at a snack production enterprise business enterprise, whose proprietor have become thinking why the Gericke stainless-steel mixer he had presently acquired due to a plant closure could now not combination his milled sugar and other substances with great homogeneity in 30 seconds or lots less as stated at the website.

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Using the mixer’s serial range to check its design specs and centered homogeneity, it became easy why overall overall performance emerge as inconsistent. The mixer have been designed to mix a moderate product with numerous minor and micro components, both liquid and dry; it had no longer been designed for milled sugar. Milled sugar has key differences in bulk density, particle length and moisture content material material from the material the mixer changed into designed to technique. If a mixer is designed specifically to obtain a given stage of product fine primarily based on a given set of enter parameters, then changing any man or woman of the input parameters can significantly modify the resulting output and can even damage the mixer.

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Bulk Density

The bulk density of milk powder is 0.Fifty five g/cm3, and the majority density of sugar is zero.90 g/cm3. If a mixer designed for sugar is fed a totally low bulk density material including quality milk powder, it is not going to come upon a severe hassle, all else being identical. But if a mixer designed for an incredibly low bulk density cloth is fed a completely excessive bulk density fabric which include sugar, then the mixer will likely warfare. The extra strain on the paddles, shafts, bearings and specific mechanical elements that have been unique for lighter obligation may preclude standard overall performance or cause outright breakage, failure and downtime. The motor, certain to supply 15 kW of strength, as an example, may fail whilst required to combine denser substances and thicker mixtures for which a 22-kW motor ought to have been unique. As the underpowered motor runs under the heavier-than-predicted load, it also generates unplanned-for warmth that might affect product first-rate.


The fabric’s temperature as it enters the mixer typically must be equal for every batch, or always for a non-prevent method. Consider a fabric saved in sacks at sixty eight°F then heated to 100°F enroute to loading into the mixer, as constant with the recipe, and as per the tool format. Everything works as meant till a failing thermostat on the oven permits the material to be heated to two hundred°F because it enters the mixer irrespective of analyzing near a hundred°F. Temperatures as immoderate as 2 hundred°F can melt many materials and drastically alternate their characteristics. A formerly warmth, dry powder can suddenly input the mixer warm and semi-viscous, really changing the technique format necessities. Very few recipes can accommodate such an element substitution, and it’s miles enormously now not probable that the product at discharge could meet the targeted specifications.

In addition to losing treasured elements, loading substances at better temperatures than the mixer become designed to cope with can motive mechanical issues and, ultimately, a pricey failure. Consider a mixer designed to feature with a clearance of 6 millimeters amongst the integration paddles and the interior wall of the combination chamber for last standard performance based at the recipe and centered homogeneity.


Moisture Content

Suppose the proprietor of a wholesale bakery stocked up on flour, sugar, corn starch and different fundamental components in the course of the winter and stored the 50-pound sacks at approximately sixty eight levels. Once the dry, wintry air gave manner to the heat and humidity of summer season, the substances started out to absorb a number of the ambient moisture, raising the moisture content material from the 3 percentage specified in a key recipe to five percent. For many materials, this reputedly small growth is massive sufficient to increase the particle length, distort the particle form, and reason sufficient agglomeration and bridging to clog rotary valves, conveyors, feeders and specific gadget.



Water is regularly considered the worst enemy in powder processing, and residual moisture from the cleansing approach can affect powder houses in the identical way as ambient moisture from humidity — if not worse. Nearly every plant shutdown due to bacterial infection can blame water to a few diploma for inviting bacterial increase into the technique. In a few instances, residual moisture left inside the mixer, conveyor or different machine after cleaning may be identified because the offender inflicting the downtime.


Recent excessive-profile plant shutdowns traced to bacterial contamination are accelerating the adoption of a dry procedure for cleaning mixers and different tool among batches in area of the conventional gadget the usage of a chemical wash, water rinse, and hand drying. Any moisture left on the infeed, blending equipment or everywhere in the mixer indoors acts as every other factor to be blended and can cause unintended outcomes past a poor-excellent mixture. A kind of mixer designs, as an example, can entice this residual moisture inside joints and fasteners and permit it to sell the increase of bacteria, ultimately supplying however some different issue to be combined into the recipe. In this example, the cease end result can also need to mean infection, a product recollect and several weeks of downtime to identify the supply and remedy the problem.


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