For a few years now, the couple look has spread around the world. This trend, which is attracting more and more couples, comes from Seoul, where couples have a very particular way of showing their commitment and their love for each other. The couple look or couple-wear is a way to show the complicity of the couple. No, it doesn’t necessarily consist of wearing the same clothes! Here are our tips if you want to adopt the couple look.

Where does the “couple look” come from?

In Korea, for lack of being able to cuddle in public, couples had to be inventive to show their love! To display the complicity between the two partners, they bet on matching looks. Clothes, shoes, underwear, swimsuits… Lovers wear matching outfits everywhere.

Very popular among young people, between 20 and 30 years old, the principle of the couple look is simple: wear matching outfits. If it is not necessary to dress strictly the same way, there must still be similar elements in each outfit. The spirit of the couple look can be applied to all types of outfits, from the most simplistic (t-shirt, jogging, sweatshirt, etc.) to the most dressy.

What matching couple #outfits for what #occasions?


#1: Couple look for the beach

It is not only Madame who must dress well when going to the beach, but Monsieur must too. Anything goes when it comes to beachwear. However, what interests us is a matching beach outfit for a couple. The woman has the choice of wearing a 1 or 2 piece swimsuit with a pretty beach dress or a pareo… The man can choose between various beach shorts or swimsuits…

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You should try to choose the same pattern or a similar color for your couple beach looks. The tropical motif always appeals to everyone, but everyone has their own choice. The best thing is to buy them in a specialized store so that Madame has a beach dress with the same design as Monsieur’s shorts. You have to make the right choice, because you may wear your outfits directly to the restaurant after a good swim or a tan. What could be more wonderful than opting for the same sandals, beach bags…!


#2: Couple look for a night out


If your couple wants to adopt a matching look for an evening, you should not only think about the theme to choose. You can dare everything about the fashion world by imitating what celebrity couples do, for example. Need more ideas? Monsieur can wear an elegant outfit while Madame is dressed in a pretty long princess dress of the same color and fabric. Exaggerate things a bit by wearing the same shoe brands/designs…

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You can copy and paste the twin outfits of Victoria and David Beckham when they go on the red carpet, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie or Kim Kardashian and Kanye West… and you will attract attention to you. It’s an opportunity to adopt a more sober, high-end look together… become king and queen of the evening, what!



#3: Couple look to get to work


Whether you work in the same cubicle or two different companies, adopting a matching couple’s outfits for work is fun. The ideal is to wear a good look at the office, because it reveals the personality of everyone. If Madame and Monsieur agree to adopt the same look on their way to work, certain points had to be taken into account before knowing what kinds of outfits to wear: classic, preppy, cool…


In fact, you have to take a look at the outfits of your employees, bring a touch of originality to the outfits (beware of excesses!), adopt 3 varied colors (and no more), wear accessories that rhyme with the outfits . Be careful, however, to respect these points, because the power in the world of work is affirmed by the dress.

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#4: Couple look for sports


Whether you live alone or as a couple, I’m sure there’s at least one #sportwear lying around in your closet. Just like other types of clothing, sportswear should be more elaborate even if this physical activity does not require any particular look. Which must be the case if your couple wants to opt for a matching sports look for your walking, running session… in the morning or at the end of the afternoon. Mr and Mrs can wear jogging of the same style: color and cut.


In case you practice swimming together, you still have the choice of opting for matching swimsuits. Whatever type of sport your couple wants to practice, don’t overdo cotton outfits that tend to absorb moisture. Make sure they are not too tight… in case you practice fitness. The main thing is to feel comfortable and dress better to practice sport for two.


#5: Couple look to eat out


Sometimes a couple is tired of eating at home and invites themselves to lunch or dinner outside. For this occasion, the matching couple outfit should be chosen in relation to the class of the restaurant. But, everyone has their taste, I admit. If the restaurant is fancy, well you have to dress fancy. If it is more than a dinner, you can refer to the couple look tips for an evening (#2): long black dress for Madame and outfit of the same color for Monsieur…

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However, in case it is a question of a lunch, the best thing is to choose matching outfits in relation to the season. No need to put on a suit if it’s summer: a long or short sleeved shirt is enough for the gentleman while the lady wears a little dress cut with the same fabric and the same pattern as her darling’s shirt. You can still put the same clothes in a t-shirt… And that’s it.