What Type of Ocean Shipping Container Would Prove Perfect for Your Supply Chain?

If you look at ocean shipping containers, you would notice that they all have one thing in common. Even though they do come rectangular, there are different colors available for the shipping containers. Keep in mind that while transporting goods from one location to another, you will have various options to choose from. The container might look the same, but their functionality differentiates from one another. This is why you need to know about different types of shipping containers to choose the perfect one.

When you learn your options about ocean shipping containers, you will be able to choose the most relevant one as per the transportation needs of your goods. Not only this will help you streamline the shipping process of your business, but you can also avoid the mistake of using inappropriate container options for your goods. This is one of the most effective ways to ensure the safety of the goods. Continue reading the article to know what type of ocean shipping container would prove perfect for your business.

Standard Containers

These are the most common shipping containers available in the market. The standard shipping containers are made of rigid walls and a door for ease of access. Due to their effectiveness at transporting dry cargo packages such as bags, boxes, pallets, bales, etc., the standard shipping containers might prove the perfect solution for you. They come in different sizes: 40` and 20`. Even though they can handle the same amount of weight, the 40` container is most effective at shipping heavier cargo. The 40` containers are best for shipping taller products. Additionally, if you’re transporting hanging garments, these containers will also prove beneficial. Consider going through different container shipping options to manage your supply chain.

Hardtop Containers 

These containers are made specifically for heavier cargo. The hardtop container features steel roofs that can be removed during the packing process. As the roofs are removable, the crane can load goods in this container without any problem. As per Trade Finance Global, the door can also be opened.

But keep in mind that hardtop containers are only perfect for heavier loads. They are also super effective at transporting taller items such as 40` and 40` high cubes. If you’re transporting super tall goods, you can open the roof of the hardtop containers. This way you will get more space for loading the goods. But it might compromise their safety. This is why you need to evaluate the other aspects while using hardtop containers to transport super-tall goods.

Flat Rack Containers 

This is another popular container option you can find in the market. Flat rack containers feature a steel frame, a wood floor, and collapsible or fixed walls. But there are no sidewalls. Some specific flat rack containers also feature fluid flush that has end walls.

As the floors of the flat rack containers are rigid and durable, they are perfect to transport bulky, oversized, and heavy cargo. These containers can also be stacked upon each other.


Now you know what type of shipping container would prove perfect for your supply chain. Consider letting us know if you have any doubts.


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