WhatsApp payment, this will be the new option for businesses

The WhatsApp messaging app would be working on an exclusive subscription plan for its business version, WhatsApp Business, with which they intend to add new features such as the ability to link up to 10 devices in the same account.

The needs of a business when communicating with its customers and suppliers are very different from those of an ordinary user and the use they make of WhatsApp in their day-to-day. That is why the company launched WhatsApp Business in 2018 to offer companies a specific platform for them.

Aiming to deliver the best version possible, WhatsApp is constantly adding new features and tools, and the WABetaInfo team just found the latest one that the Meta-owned company is working on.

It is a subscription plan, which will be completely optional and will only be available for WhatsApp Business, with which the company intends to offer new and improved features to those who pay. It is still in the development phase, so most of the aspects and novelties of this subscription plan are unknown.

But what we do know is that WhatsApp is working on updating the Linked Devices interface. Until now, up to 4 devices could be connected to the same account using the multi-device function, but everything seems to indicate that this is going to be extended to allow 10 devices connected at the same time to the same account.

This is very useful for companies since it allows different workers to answer and have a conversation in the same chat. Although much more news is expected, which at the moment we do not know, as well as what the subscription plan will be like if it will be annual, quarterly or monthly and what its price will be.

Even though they are going to introduce this payment method, you don’t have to worry, because your WhatsApp will continue to be free, and there is no sign that the company changes its mind in this regard. The only thing is that if companies want to have more features to grow their business, they will have to pay a price to have the best features.

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