Whoville characters: Know Everything About Them

Whoville characters – The Grinch is one of the main characters in Christmas stories, after Santa and Mr. Scrooge. The Grinch hates Christmas and is dedicated to stealing gifts and decorations from the inhabitants of Whoville. We already know the story, if we didn’t read the book, we saw the cartoon, and if not, we saw the movie with Jim Carrey.

This new movie from the same people who made the Lorax is much better than Jim Carrey’s (probably because he doesn’t appear). In Spanish the voice is done by Eugenio Derbez, that’s how I saw it, but then I’ll take a look at the original with the voice of Benedict Cumberbatch, which I do like.

The drawings and details are incredible. The film begins with some herons or something similar skiing in the mountains surrounding the town. The scene that introduces us to Whoville is cool because we see how the shops open, and how the three-decker bus works. Everything is curved maintaining the style of the original stories. Whovians are happy, optimistic, and Christmas-loving people.

There’s a character who calls himself the Grinch’s best friend and calls him Grinchy, Whoville characters who always wears one of those horrible Christmas sweaters. In contrast, the Grinch lives in the center of a mountain, in a huge cave, we should say lonely and silent, although I thought it was incredible and full of potential.

The Grinch’s dog, Max, is a loyal pet and servant. Every day she prepares him for breakfast with an angry face and chooses the clothes for the day, (which are, by the way, the same as his skin) angry, very angry, grumpy, etc.

The Grinch is super ingenious, he invents contraptions for everything, he has stairs that go up many meters, and legs/stilts like Inspector Gadget that allow him to go from roof to roof. For his plan to steal Christmas, he develops a lot of enviable gadgets.

While he plans the Big Heist, Cindy Lou, a girl from the town plans to meet Santa to ask him for a favor for her mom. The two plans, called Santa, are interspersed, and the two rehearse with their associates.

Cindy Lou with her friends, and the Grinch with Max and a huge, posh reindeer named Fred (Miniso has to make a Fred pillow, by the way). One of my favorite scenes is when the Grinch goes down to town to buy food and is harassed by a group of carol singers.

They do manage to become a somewhat terrifying horde. Poor Grinch. I am a grinch, but it would be too much of a grinch not to enjoy this movie. It’s fun, humorous, and cute. Ideal to see the family these days. Ideal to escape for a while from Christmas obligations, too.

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