Why Google Photo users are worried: Old photos are corrupted

One of the many features of Google Photos is collecting old photos and videos and creating a series of slides called memories. This is mainly used to recall old memories, but this week it has been discovered that a bug in this service is causing damage to more senior photos.

Google Photos is the alternative to the traditional photo app that most smartphones have; it is a service that collects all the photos and videos and has the advantage that you can access them from any device and place since they are not stored on your mobile. Still, it is in the cloud of a Google account.

This has done it a very popular service; however, this weekend, its users discovered an error in the platform damaging the content, and Google has not yet found a solution.

As explained by 9to5Google, numerous users had reported that when they went to their old photos, many were distorted and were not in the state they remembered.

These normal photos now show as if they were stained or something similar to what happened with analogue photos if they got wet. This has happened, especially with the images registered between 2013 and 2015, and it does not matter from which device you access ( iOS, Android or the web version ). The error continues to appear.

In turn, users have tried to find a solution to this problem without success since many say they have downloaded the images, but the distortion continues to appear. Now, Google has not yet recognized the error, so there is no official solution.

It seems that it is due to a bug in the software of this system, and Google will have to issue a new patch to fix it. Not all Google Photos users have been affected by this error, and if your account has been saved, it is best to download a copy of all of them to a hard drive if you want to keep your photos safe. External.

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