Why is it Called Real Estate?

You might have heard the term “Real Estate” more often, but do you know its history and actual meaning? Don’t worry if you don’t know; keep reading. In this post, we will be explaining why it is called “real estate” instead of “property” or something else. 

Before we get into the topic, let’s study the context of the word “real estate”’s etymology. The term “real estate” was initially used in the 1660s to identify legal land or property. 

However, the word “real” has been derived from Latin, which means actual, genuine, or an existing entity. Likewise, the word “estate” has been converted from the French word “status,” which implies possession. But the word “estate” has been more commonly used to describe owned property, whether land or houses. 

So combining the effects of these two words makes a collective meaning such as “an actual or genuine piece of land, property, or a house owned by someone else.” 

The Term “Real Estate”:

Owning land is simply property, whether there is a building constructed on it or not. The land with or without construction will remain as property but there are some things that won’t come under the umbrella of property. For instance gardens, driveways, sheds, fences, garages, trees, etc. 

The Real Estate Agents and Brokers:

Real estate agents are also known as real estate brokers. There is a slight difference between these two, but in terms of functionality, they both perform the same actions. Property agents are people who help people sell or buy real estate, such as land, houses, or buildings. 

Brokers, on the other hand, are individuals or businesses who hold a property business license. They usually hire agents to handle property tasks. Real estate market experts are aware of current marketing trends and can identify better investment opportunities. 

Understanding the Real Estate Business:

These days, the real estate industry is one of the most progressive and profitable. However, it is primarily classified into four major types: commercial, residential, land, and industrial. The property business can be run with all four types or with just one. However, all of these types of property can generate a sizable profit in the property industry. 

To carry out your real estate business, you will need an expert real estate agent or brokers. These agents and brokers assist clients through the real estate business process by providing necessary advice and information, as well as making property tours enjoyable. The following are the most frequently used stakeholders in the property industry. 

  • Builder
  • Building Labor Supplier 
  • Engineer 
  • Architect 
  • Construction 
  • Material supplier 
  • Equipment provider
  • Financer
  • Home Realtor

Bottom Line:

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