Wide jeans are crowned as the new tracksuit (even for partying), and Gigi Hadid confirms it

As we have already been advancing, wide jeans are the most powerful contenders for the 2022-2023 fall trends to become our favorites. And it is that this season is full of garments that obsessed us in the 2000s and, make no mistake, they are going to do it again now –with that feeling of nostalgia included–.

Firms such as Balenciaga, Balmain, Celine, and Etro already predicted for us in their fashion shows the power that baggy jeans would have in our wardrobe. They are already present in those of celebrities –such as Jennifer López or Rihanna, who used them as a substitute for the elastic waists of maternity clothes– and our favorite style prescribers. And, like any great trend, they have already been seen in the most groundbreaking street style looks.

On this occasion, Gigi Hadid, an expert in making the best style statements, shows us that wide jeans are not only among her favorites for her daily looks, but also part of her night wardrobe.

Ready to enjoy the night in the city that never sleeps, the model was photographed in New York with her friends, with a style that could not hit the nail on the head. As the basis for the look, the 27-year-old model opted for blue high-waisted baggy jeans with rips at the knees, a baby blue Gigi x Frankies Bikinis tank top, and orange and white trainers. However, what elevated her style to elegance in capital letters were the accessories she chose: a cream-colored mini leather bag from Loro Piana –model L19– and a necklace of pearls and shells, from The Shell Dealer, which gave it an extra touch of color.

Perhaps we should correct the aspiring garment and confirm that it is our favorite among the trends for this coming season. It is not only a very comfortable and versatile piece but also a garment that fits a large number of figures. Perhaps you hadn’t even thought about it, but you’ll want to wear it even to go out to a party, combined in the most revolutionary way – try playing with shoes and accessories, keys to enhancing any look; because being honest, comfortable you enjoy the night better.

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