Xiaomi launches the best combo for your pet: smart feeder and fountain.

Our pets deserve the best and therefore, it is not surprising that there are more and more intelligent options designed for them. And Xiaomi did not want to be left behind!

Xiaomi arrived in Spain 5 years ago presenting its smartphones to us, but in recent years we have seen a continuous commitment to the smart home and automation. And now it is the turn of two new devices designed for dogs and cats: Smart Pet Food Feeder and Smart Pet Fountain. They promise to keep animals fed and hydrated, even when we are not at home.

Xiaomi Smart Pet Food Feeder is the ideal food dispenser for small and medium-sized pets. A device controlled through the Xiaomi Home application, which automatically releases feed in predefined doses. This can be especially useful if we have a pet that has to follow a strict diet.

With a 3.6 liter reservoir and antibacterial 304 stainless steel bowl, food stays clean and safe. In addition, it is built with a triple sealing system, to prevent stored food from going bad. First, a silicone sealing ring ensures closure and freshness. Second, a system of desiccant cartridges in the compartment prevents moisture from forming. And finally, the dispenser itself uses a revolving door system to prevent food from remaining in the air.

The most curious thing about this smart device is that being wireless it only works with two AA batteries and a consumption of 5.9 W, a very interesting detail in the event that the power goes out at home, something that will not be an impediment for our pet continues to feed without any inconvenience. And being compatible with the Xiaomi Home application, we will know at all times the level of the deposit and the status of the food, in addition to being able to ask the assistant to, for example, deliver an extra amount of food.

And to stay well hydrated throughout the day…


You can not miss Xiaomi Smart Pet Fountain . An automated water fountain with a 2 liter water reservoir and a 7 degree incline to make it easy for all animals to drink.

The device has a temperature sensor in charge of controlling the state of the water, in addition to a complete system that filters the water in four stages, which guarantees that it stays fresh and clean throughout the day. But that’s not all, as the lid can also store water, dispensing a small amount of emergency drinking water in the event of a power outage.

Xiaomi Smart Pet Fountain barely consumes 5.9W, and has a really low noise level of 30 dB, ideal for cats and dogs in the house to drink the water they need without fear of it and without being annoying for people who They live at home.

Like the feeder, it pairs with the Xiaomi Home app to simplify the use of its main features; as reminders to add water, clean the fountain and change the filters. It also offers two modes of use, one continuous and another intelligent that moves the water intermittently at night.

Why has Xiaomi opened its market to new consumers, specifically to household pets?

Xiaomi is not only a smartphone company, but we are a technology company present in many product categories. For this reason, we wanted to be pioneers in the pet category, a niche category, in which we launched two new smart, elegant devices on the market with the clear objective of helping our users to effectively control and manage their food and life of your pets.

How can these smart devices help pet owners?

Thanks to the Xiaomi Home application, users can control and manage the feeding of their pets. For example, rationing the number of meals animals eat to control their diet; provide fresh, clean water throughout the day so pets never go thirsty; know when the device has run out of food to get home and refill it again to continue with food rationing…

Why Xiaomi Smart Pet Food Feeder is ideal for pets on strict diets?

Because through the Xiaomi Home application you can ration the number of meals that pets make. The application asks you for the breed, weight and age of your pet to analyze the number of grams and frequency in which the food must be dispensed so that your pet eats what is necessary to have a correct diet.

How does the filtering system of Xiaomi Smart Pet Fountain work to keep the water clean?

Our intelligent fountain has a filtering system that eliminates impurities, dirt and bacteria that the fountain water may have so that the animals always have clean, fresh and circulating water throughout the day.

And if there is no light at home, will pets be able to stay hydrated and fed?

Both devices have a compartment to incorporate AA batteries, so that in the event that the electricity goes out in the house, they continue to work perfectly and we can not worry about whether our animal is going to run out of food or drink.

We are dealing with smart devices that connect to our mobile through the Xiaomi Home app, how does the app work? Is it available for download on all smartphones?

Xiaomi Home is an app that can be downloaded to all types of smartphones, both Android and Ios. It is very easy to install and when you are inside, by selecting the product in question, you can start managing all the functions: activate the feeder, accept the number and type of food that is dispensed, link both devices with your phone… In addition, The application, being smart, sends notifications to notify you of everything: if it has enough food, if not, if it has not been connected, if the food lid has been opened, if there is no water, etc. Through our phone we can have total control of what our pet eats and drinks anywhere and at any time.

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