Zara Home is committed to inclusion in Madrid with its new for&from store

Zara Home, the Spanish group Inditex Group’s line specializing in household items, opens its latest store under the for&from concept at The Style Outlets shopping center in San Sebastián de Los Reyes, Madrid, a social initiative carried out by the chain in collaboration with Prodis, a Madrid foundation committed to people with intellectual disabilities, to help them in their personal development and their inclusion in the workplace.

The main objective of the project is to create jobs for people with intellectual, mental, physical, and sensory abilities, in a favorable environment, which facilitates their social integration in terms of their future transition towards hiring in any other establishment. . But, the store itself is an important point of awareness and enhancement of the abilities of people with disabilities, who work in a reference commercial space, breaking down barriers and stereotypes.

7.5 M euros allocated to the managing social entities

Since this project began, the for&from stores as a whole have generated more than 7.5 million euros in profits, which have been entirely allocated to different social programs of the managing social entities themselves. In the case of the new store, the total profits will be allocated to social projects of the Prodis Foundation.

With the opening of this establishment, the number of stores that are part of the Group’s for&from program rises to a total of 15 stores, some establishments that have already generated employment opportunities for 723 people.

“This job for me is above all a great opportunity that allows me to fulfill myself personally and professionally. It is great learning about life. Getting up every day with an illusion, having colleagues who become friends”, says Marisa, part of the store team, who was diagnosed with a degenerative eye disease 13 years ago. At 45 years old —with a life that has always revolved around the world of fashion, even in his studies— he considers that with this project “disabilities are normalized and show that they do not prevent carrying out a job professionally”.

Kevin, part of the Zara Home for&from team, explains that “this project brings both work and personal experiences to my day-to-day life. We make a great team.” This 20-year-old who has recently become a father adds that “this project is not just a job for me, it represents a great opportunity at a time of great responsibility in my life.”

An accessible establishment with all its essence

This 400-square-meter space launches a new store concept that combines the essence of the brand with the flexibility and accessibility required by this project. The space is distributed like a home, including the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, living room, and child’s rooms. In addition, it has a specific area for house fragrances.

The set is a bright and spacious space, which gives all the prominence to the relationship between the product and the customer, who can visit the store and touch the different textile and household items proposals, thus discovering the textures and qualities of the materials.

Regarding furniture, the brand has opted for a perimeter modular system that combines different types of central furniture with other wall units that facilitate the accessibility and visibility of the product.

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